Acer Spin 11 review: laptop for all occasions

Acer Spin 11 review: laptop for all occasions

Acer Spin 11 review: laptop for all occasions

Universal devices have become quite popular for a very logical reason – why buy a tablet and a laptop when you can buy a tablet and laptop in one device, saving money and space in your backpack. For example, if you go to lectures and want to be able to draw notes and to work with the text, then this product will be indispensable for you.

Same with travel around the world, working tasks in the office and home leisure – gadgets such as Acer Spin 11, bring a lot of benefits and allow you to forget about the pile of electronics in your backpack or on your desktop. Now you can use the gadget to get away from it all the functionality you need and do not spend a lot of money on the laptop itself.

And, of course, not without pitfalls, as laptops ideal, and indeed nothing is perfect, no. New Acer Spin 11 runs on Google is not the most successful operating system from a company that does not fit all.

Acer Spin 11 review: laptop for all occasions

Acer Spin 11: Specifications

The laptop Acer Spin 11  has two versions, you can choose at the time of purchase. In the first, a base, we are waiting for a complete set of Intel Celeron N3450 processor. It’s quite simple processor, which is ideal for working with text, browser or mail for educational purposes.

But, of course, to mount a video or working with heavy databases on it, you can not. To maintain the performance of this processor will be the RAM of 4 GB. The manufacturer gives you all the possibilities for active work with the browser, because there is an extra RAM will never happen.

The internal memory of the laptop Acer Spin 11  a total of 32 GB eMMC type, so keep it movies or any other content you can not, but for documentation and other files for school or work space enough. In addition, cloud storage has not been canceled.

Acer Spin 11 review: laptop for all occasions

At a more advanced version Acer Spin 11 has installed processor Celeron N3350. It is worth noting that the difference between the models is a 0.2 gigahertz Celeron N3350 aside and only high load mode, so that the novel performance gain you will not see. However, in this configuration 8 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory for storing content.

RAM is not much interested in us as to fill 8 gigabyte hard enough on such a device, but pleased with 64 gigabytes of memory – here you can have a movie some fold and look at a boring lecture.

Acer Spin 11: Design

Another reason for which I believe Acer Spin 11 for educational purposes, it’s body design. It is so simple, modest and laconic, it is difficult to convey in words. the keyboard panel is completely black, has a large touch pad, which completely replaces the mouse.

Acer Spin 11 review: laptop for all occasions

The display panel Acer Spin 11 is also quite simply, there is only Acer logo attracts little attention. The back side is also black, matte, there is also the logo OS Chrome and Acer. A little silvery loop, but you can not call it some kind of zest in the design.

Acer Spin 11: Conclusion

So far, Acer Spin 11 has no official price, but you must understand – the device created for those who want to get the best value for the unit of work or education. This is not a working machine for video editing, this is not the laptop for gaming or entertainment.

There is no full-fledged operating system, and therefore most of the tasks go by the wayside. On the other hand, to work with the browser, document and mail is very convenient, power is always in short supply. We will wait for the Acer Spin 11 price and to tell you this information, so you can roughly estimate the gadget.

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