Acne tongue: where are and how to fight them

Acne tongue: where are and how to fight them

Acne tongue: where are and how to fight them

Read about the reasons for the appearance and means to combat nuisance.

What is acne on the tongue? In fact it does not acne, because the sebaceous glands, as is well known, the tongue is not available. Most likely, the problem they call glossitis – inflammation of the tongue. It appears nodules resembling in form pimples. In addition to these manifestations, tongue swells and becomes larger.

Where are the bad education?

The most common causes of acne on the tongue:

  1. Allergies

Pimple – a wake-up call that a particular product does not suit you. It may also be a reaction to toothpaste. Give up that used on the eve of and observe the health of the oral cavity.

  1. Malnutrition

Pay attention to what you eat. Acute, too hot food, alcohol can trigger acne. Exit – diet.

  1. Diseases of internal organs

Acne can be one of the symptoms of diseases such as, for example, tuberculosis or candidiasis. If the problem is not gone for a couple of days, go to the doctor.

  1. Mechanical damage

You could accidentally bite my tongue or hurt food. As a result, the language so reacted.

  1. Canker sores or herpes.

Very often stomatitis occurs in children, because they pull in my mouth all that comes their way. Herpes affects not only lips, but also the language.

So many causes of acne and how to deal with them?

Acne tongue: where are and how to fight them

  1. Increases immunity, because it depends on him whether the disease to progress.
  2. If the cause of acne – stomatitis, apply a thick layer of honey or toothpaste on the surface of the tongue. This will take time for pain. Also try to jam tea rose petals.
  3. Use the peach oil and rosehip oil. Rinse your mouth with a decoction of celandine, St. John’s wort, sage or soda solution.
  4. If you are bitten tongue or hurting food, then you just need to limit the consumption of certain types of food: spicy, hot and fried. So you will not further irritate the tongue. Eat a couple of days, light soups, and you will see a marked improvement.
  1. Stop using lipstick, breath fresheners and the usual toothpaste. This will help determine if there is an allergy, and eliminate the problem.
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