15.09.2014 7:17

Adrien Brody: “Harry Houdini – the first superhero”

Adrien Brody, the leading man in the mini-series Houdini, spoke about his passion for tricks, work on creating an image of the famous illusionist and shootings in the ambitious project of the channel History. 

“As a child I was interested in magic tricks – the actor admitted. – I was even given the nickname Gorgeous Adrienne. I must admit, I was not bad. In 11 years, I have worked successfully with pyrotechnics and spontaneously combustible paper. I have often perform at festivals and parties. “ 

Adrien Brody: "Harry Houdini - the first superhero"

“Harry Houdini – one of my idols – said Brody. – Magicians and jugglers always arouse interest among the public, because we believe that the laws of nature do not apply to them. Through this project, I began to understand Harry better. He overcame the class, religious and ethnic prejudices, becoming one of the most famous men of his time. It can be called the very first superhero. I think that our mini-series will be of interest to young viewers. Now they have to face idol singers or actors, but none of them are not even close to that crept cult status that it enjoyed surrounded by an aura of mystery Houdini. “ 

Adrien Brody: "Harry Houdini - the first superhero"

“Harry aroused interest of the government through the knowledge of several languages ​​and relations with the leaders of many countries – said Adrian. – In our project, we will touch upon this issue as well. I have no doubt that the mini-series will allow viewers to learn a lot about the life and character of the famous illusionist.I think we are similar. In his acting career, I, like Houdini, has always been willing to take risks. “ 

Adrien Brody: "Harry Houdini - the first superhero"

One of the most famous tricks in his career Houdini was the “Chinese water torture chamber.” Brody had to repeat the fatal number of the famous magician. “This trick causes the illusionist claustrophobia – said the actor. – There is no way to avoid getting water in the ears and nose. All your movements are extremely limited, and hold your breath becomes very difficult … But I still managed to perform this dangerous stunt. It turned out that I’m pretty flexible, but Houdini I, of course, far away. He was able to open locks toes. “ 

“It’s always difficult to transform into a person, once on your life a big impact – saidAdrian. – We wanted to show he was not a superman, but a complex character with a difficult fate. This problem has become for me a more severe test than any physical activity. “