AeroCool Strike-X Blast – symmetric light gaming mouse with 11 buttons

AeroCool Strike-X Blast – symmetric light gaming mouse with 11 buttons


Despite young age, by the standards of the industry, founded in 2001, the company AeroCool Advanced Technologies Corp could not take the last place in the market of computer cases and power supplies, providing good value for money in some models of its range. So there is nothing strange in the fact that after such competing manufacturers like Cooler Master and Thermaltake, Aerocool expanded the line gaming peripherals. Like the above-mentioned companies, highlight the appropriate direction in individual brands CM Storm and Tt eSPORTS, AeroCool products with pronounced oriented game also received their own names, and gaming mice currently got two whole – Templarius and Strike-X. Considered further mouse with a great name Strike-X Blast is a high-end model in its group.


Box, decorated in black and red colors, has a hinged decorative cover for “Velcro” showing himself manipulator under a transparent blister that has already become a good tradition in the market of gaming peripherals.

Placards (no translation yet a great and mighty) provide the most detailed information on the specifications and capabilities of the mouse up to the manufacturers often hidden dimensions and weight. Moreover, the centerfold was a place even cover image interface standard program for the mouse settings.

Five fixed for the presentation of the amendment to the lack of (temporary?) Localization.
Lack of complete vehicles with drivers and software too is the trend. However, imagine the buyer of such a device without having to connect to the global network is difficult.

Design and specifications

According to the specifications on the manufacturer’s website, the buyer Strike-X Blast gets:

  • 11 programmable buttons with an ultra-fast response,
  • laser sensor with adjustable resolution from 100 to 5000 dpi, the speed of reading to 11750 / s and acceleration of 30G,
  • 8 KB of internal memory,
  • frequency selection poll USB (125/250/500/1000 Hz)
  • Red LED switching permissions
  • additional adjustment of weight using the supplied weights,
  • adjustment ‘breathing’ rear backlight mouse
  • durable Teflon feet,
  • Symmetrical design for left and right hands,
  • cable length of 1.8 m and a gold-plated USB-connector.

Strike-X Blast is not the usual futuristic design with an abundance of sharp corners, until the faces on the side buttons. The left and right buttons are integral with the hull by their edges are placed in front of the narrow 4 additional buttons (2 right, 2 left) with curly burly to relieve depression.

Top made of matte black plastic sidewalls are coated with soft-touch (soft-touch) and rubberized inserts for the side buttons, arranged vertically along the diagonal (the first button from the bottom, second from the top).

Completes the picture red plastic the rest of the body, the top of the insert provided only with four-wheel and indicator dpi, but at the bottom resembling a sports car red color similar to that increase 4 Teflon feet on the site of the wheels (the fifth one is in the front and could pass for bumper).

Ribbed plastic wheel cover, the assurance of the manufacturer, is the skin (probably artificial, however, the originality of this decision can not be denied) that, according to the same source, should contribute to a comfortable use of the scroll.
As promised, the mouse is completely symmetrical, so lefties should have no problem using.
Dimensions are 120 × 75 × 30 mm, weight without weights – 126 grams. Thus, the mouse can be classified as moderately compact and light (with a weighting of necessity) Gaming (picture comparison with the Logitech G9x).

For those who mouse may seem too easy, the set includes 8 weights, 4 to 3 grams and the same 5 grams (our copy out, so it makes sense to check when buying a complete set). The weights are inserted in a special holder in the bottom of the mouse in an amount of from one to four. Thus, the weight of the accessory can be further increased in the range from 3 to 20 grammes.

Based on the characteristics of the sensor, in the Strike-X Blast set well proven ADNS-9500 , after the ADNS-9800 has lost the status of a top model, but still up-to-date for use in Game Controllers.

Claimed to be tested for 5 million keystrokes testifies about using switches OMRON Corporation at least in the main buttons.

During operation, red LED illuminated dpi, wheel and two inserts in the bottom rear of the case (again, remember the analogy of a car).

Only configurable rear lights, we will return to it hereafter.

Braided cable has a length of 1.8 m and ferrite in gilded in full compliance with the specifications of the connector. Significant effect on the work computer manipulators braid, filters and connectors cover usually do not have, but the visual appeal of the product increases.

Connecting and Configuring

For testing we used the driver and software version 1.20.

After you install the regular program along with the standard HID-mouse Manager appears USB Gaming Interface Device company AeroCool.

The program places an icon with the logo in the system tray for quick access to settings.

Feature of the program is to place all the basic settings in the main window.

Program at the time of testing was not localized (whether in general, is hard to say), however, its visibility to successfully use the English interface.

The left side of the main window contains the settings and switch to USB polling resolution from 100 to 5000 dpi (including separately in the X and Y) with the ability to switch between the four (the default) or two (checkbox «Only 2 DPI mode switching»).
The right side of sheltered setting double click speed, cursor speed and acceleration with disabling the scrolling speed.

Located at the center point adjustment buttons. The program laid the weight of standard combinations, from office to multimedia.

Of course, implemented and create your own macros (just clicking on the button, the mouse movements are not recorded) with the ability to manually set the delay between keystrokes and repeats.

Wiindows-button in the macro works correctly.

The lower part of the main window is used to manage profiles (up to 10 with the ability to save to a file), two of which are saved directly to the device memory (for switching between them can be assigned to any mouse button).

Clicking on the gear in the top right corner of the main window causes additional menu Tool Manager, where you can select the folder to store profiles and macros, adjust the “breathing” of the mouse back lighting (low, medium and high intensity) until the blackout check Software Update (each time was complete inability to open the page) and reset.

Impressions from the use

Despite the distinctive appearance and sharp corners, Strike-X Blast, oddly enough, fits comfortably in small and medium-hand side buttons peculiar arrangement also does not cause discomfort, use them convenient as additional buttons in the front.

Depending on the size of hand mouse is suitable for all types of grip, which in combination with a symmetrical design makes it sufficiently universal.

Testing was carried out on carpets A4Tech 600MP, Corsair MM200, SteelSeries QcK mini and NOVA Winner 3 complaints about the work of the sensor does not arise. The height of the separation is about 3 mm.

Separately, I want to compliment wheel, scrolling in a quiet and well-matched with the pressing of the last course, and the coating contributes to the positive perception of this element.

Alas, the same can not be said about the main buttons, subjectively move could be smaller, and emitted a sound so loud. Besides, the right button of our manipulator when fully pressed rested in mezhknopochnuyu box. Mitigating factor is that the trigger button is used, so a normal user would hardly notice such a feature, but silent, not recommending perfectionists closely acquainted with your copy before buying, it would be wrong.


AeroCool debut of gaming mice on the market should be considered successful even without the retail price, but became a separate such a pleasant surprise.


  • 11 programmable buttons with good access to most of them
  • Symmetric design
  • Use ADNS-9500 sensor and switches Omron
  • Great scroll wheel
  • The presence of built-in memory
  • Suitable for medium and small size hands
  • Relatively small minimum weight with the possibility of increasing
  • Original appearance
  • Staffing software with good functionality


  • Noisy and harsh (subjectively, better check before buying) the main buttons
  • Possible disadvantages assemble a specific instance
  • Lack of localization