What makes you agree to a second date?

What makes you agree to a second date?


Girls, slip this text to his fans and potential boyfriends – let them know that the criteria by which we agree to a second date, not too much and fit them is not so difficult.

– He is punctual.

Unexpected delays occur, we are all humans. But in this case it should certainly notify you as soon as he finds out. Well, somehow compensate moral damage of waiting, of course.

– He does not talk about your ex.

It is generally taboo. We do not want to hear stories about your ex, dear boys! Otherwise we decide that you have not moved from a previous relationship and you early build new ones.

– He keeps the basic rules of etiquette.

Open the door for the girl, give her a hand when leaving the transport or car, to help remove or put on the robe, make love to her at the table – is it really so difficult? We’re not talking about how not to slurp and yawn, covering with hand her mouth.

– He was not drunk.

On the first date, you can order something alcoholic. But a drink – it does not mean to write so then she had to call for its “cavalier” taxi. In quotes because it’s called a Knight of drunken something already difficult.

– It is neat.

Again – it should not be dressed from boutiques and the latest fashion. Simply be in clean and ironed shirt things, if we decided to wear it. Well, about the shoes do not forget to clean.

– From it smells good.

Let’s not go too far in this topic. Smells good – it does not pour over the ton doroguschego cologne. It’s just take a shower and use a good deodorant and chewing gum. About clean clothes we have already spoken.

– He was an attentive listener.

It’s very, very important, dear man! Show your lady that you are interested in what she says, you care about her life. And such a man a woman will necessarily go on a second date!