05.08.2015 12:35

Airbus has patented a hypersonic rocket engines for the Space Marines, and daily passenger flights

Crossing the Atlantic used to take several months, but a new patent for a hypersonic jet airliner Airbus wants to reduce the time to five hours. Resulting in the middle of last month, the patent (in terms of Ultra Rapid Air Vehicle and Related Method for Aerial Locomotion) describes the outline of an airplane flying in turbojet engines and propellant. All designed to help carry 2-3 tons of cargo or 20 passengers at a speed of Mac 4.5, to a distance of 5,600 miles in just 3:00.

History has already seen supersonic airliners. The patent mentions Airbus and the British “Concord”, which was used from 1970 to 2003, and the Russian Tupolev Tu-144. Both aircraft reached Mack 2, and both had problems: July 25, 2000, the Concorde crashed, killing 113 people on board. Tupolev Tu-144 crashed in 1973 during its debut during the Paris Air Show, after which it was not used.
Since the days of the Cold War, the design of the aircraft suffered a lot of changes. In addition to the lack of security Tu-144, another powerful obstacle was the sound. In the UK it was even anti-konkordnoe movement called “Civic League against the sound of the explosion,” which opposed plane. Indeed, when the Concorde was used, he flew mainly over the deserted seas. Supersonic Airbus makes the jump from subsonic to supersonic speeds vertically, thus taking off like a rocket, which avoids the sound before the plane reaches the ground.

In addition, the aircraft – it is perhaps not so much a ship as sub-orbital rocket. We have already seen some preliminary layouts like this, military transport, which delivers soldiers into space and back. Rocket Power raises it vertically to the desired height, and turbojet engines for “abdomen” flip it and move over the horizontal plane. As soon as the plane took off, all engines run at full power before it starts to fall.
The patent has been seen by the user YouTube, PatentYogi, which had the full video model, which shows how this plane. Watch the video below: