24.09.2014 7:41

Amazing water curtain in the forests of France

Waterfall “Bridal Veil” is not exactly a typical art project and, of course, is not something that can often be seen in the natural environment. In fact, this is an artificial water curtain installation created in the framework of the festival “Art of Nature”, which is an annual event held on the territory of France. Over the years, the festival has seen a lot of amazing work.

The project was conceived as a water veil horizontal continuation of this natural waterfall, the water of which is used as the source for installation. This is very similar to how the veil of the bride follows the wedding dress. The incident at the waterfall gentle sunlight creates an unusual image of the sublime.Hence, the name for this art installation.

Amazing water curtain in the forests of France

In the area of ​​Mont-Dore in France grow wonderful pine forest, many of the trees reach a height of 40 meters. These landscapes provide great panoramas that have occurred to the place as the natural scenery. The very construction of the installation is a zigzag aqueduct, located at a height of 11 feet (about 3-3.5 meters), in which water flows from a natural waterfall.

In 4000 aqueducts were made of small holes, thereby creating the effect of a thin water screen. People passing through these “curtains” feel refreshed and feel more intimate contact with nature. Sounds murmuring water, chirping birds and the scattered light create an atmosphere of peace.