Amazon presented a “smart” music column Amazon Echo

Amazon presented a “smart” music column Amazon Echo

Amazon presented a

Amazon has unveiled its new device Amazon Echo. Multifunction device with the ability to voice control will make life easier and help with everyday tasks. Finally, this gadget is also a good audio player that can delight hearing your favorite tracks.

Amazon has unveiled an innovative gadget called Echo. This device Amazon Echo – a multifunctional audio assistant. Manage Echo done by voice. No other way to manage the gadget cannot. Configured using a smartphone or tablet that connects via Bluetooth. The rest will have to rely on voice control. While Amazon Echo understands only English team. At the same time, the gadget is equipped with the latest generation of voice recognition that allows you to “understand” the user in 95% of cases. The list of commands is also defined using a smartphone. There is an opportunity to record their own version.

Music Echo column can operate in the player. The gadget connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi and find music on popular services iTunes or Spotify, then starts its broadcast. It is possible to connect a headset.

In addition, Amazon Echo may lead voice diary and list the user to work as an alarm clock, a voice on the user’s command to report the current time. The brainchild of Amazon may even inform the weather forecast at the request of the user or voice summary of the latest news.

An interesting detail of Amazon Echo is also the fact that the column is very “polite.” To start a conversation with her, you must apply to the device name. Name unusual gadget – Alex. Cost of device – $ 200.