29.03.2014 5:46

American designer launched into the sky dragon

Designer and inventor Rick Hamel developed and assembled his own flying dragon – a giant winged reptile model. In fact, an unusual model as a test case was created by Rick two years ago, but then, because of some technical difficulties publicity gimmick did not get the question, its commercial application did not go. Over the past two years flying dragon model has greatly improved.

Dragon model has a wingspan of 2.7 meters. Given the size of the wings, it is easy to guess that this model is very, very big. In fact, dragon Rica – this is hardly the small plane. Works dragon jet turbine which is mounted in the casing between the wings. She works at an aircraft engine which powered the proper fuel or kerosene.

Dragon made of plastic, plywood and places – aluminum. Important part of the aircraft is also the fact that it is fully radio controlled. Dragon flies as well as it makes the plane. Turbine provides movement through the air at up to 110 km \ h and reserve enough fuel for 10 minutes. From the mouth of the dragon team can blaze a real flame.

The cost of this decorative aircraft 60,000 U.S. dollars. Based on this, it is worth noting that if the buyer can afford to “dragon” Rick, the problems with refueling every 10 minutes it will not. Sale dragon already assembled, but if necessary, the happy owner with a standard set of tools can remove the wings and some other items for easy transport unit over long distances. Included in 60000 also has detailed instructions, bullets control, batteries and some rare spare parts.