22.03.2014 10:47

American parents terrified learned from reality installations with children parties, laid out in a new Twitter-account

Resourceful American children invented a kind of way to have fun and learn from each other positive emotions. For this purpose, a special account in the microblogging network Twitter, which was named LI PartyStories.

Account intended for his readers to spread the pictures etched on them with people in the most absurd, incredible and even insane position. As a rule, in the image depicted people in funny poses or in unexpected places, where they did, seemingly ordinary things. The trouble was in the account that the vast majority of people with the photo was in a drunken state, and the majority of tricks was done while intoxicated. Heroes of these pictures were children, high school students who were filming their friends at parties, and sometimes users upload pictures and with its quirks. LI PartyStories appeared in December 2013 and during its existence has already gathered more than 24,000 subscribers.

Detection of such account shocked the American public and in particular parents, many of whom found on LI PartyStories and photographs of their children. Parents admitted that for most of them it was a real eye-opener, and she did not even know the child in something like that. American sociologists in turn called the parents better watch out for children, including for all sorts of electronic resources that visit their talents.

It follow any penalty creators LI PartyStories – not known as yet nothing is known about the possibility of closing the resource. According to unofficial data, the account was created and promoted by the students. Experts pointed out that even in the case of blocking LI PartyStories, nothing will prevent children discover more similar portals, and hence such a measure – not effective.