American tuners “charged” Chevrolet Silverado pickup

American tuners “charged” Chevrolet Silverado pickup


Without waiting for the company’s Chevrolet “symmetrical response” to “charged” pick-up Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and Ram Runner, American specialists tuning set to work themselves. So there was a pickup Silverado Reaper, which will sell some official U.S. dealers Chevrolet.

Reaper (translated as “Reaper”) is based on a new generation of all-wheel drive pickup truck Chevrolet Silverado 1500 by tuning workshops Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort Automotive. And in fact Reaper – this is not the car itself, and the so-called “conversion kit” that can be separately installed on the client previously bought pickup (the same scheme is now being done and pickup Ram Runner, a tuning kit for the office which makes Mopar) .

In tuning package includes a modified Reaper hood and grille, new steel bumpers, underbody protection and rapids with strong pegs. Established tires can be replaced by a huge off-road “rollers” General Grabber outer diameter of 33 inches, mounted on 17-inch wheels with locks sidewalls (so-called “bedloki”). Televisions and more pizhonistye tires on 20-inch wheels. In addition, the tuning kit includes Corsa exhaust system with increased bandwidth, and most importantly, sport shock absorbers firm Fox (it also supplies shock absorbers for Ford’s “Raptor” and krayslerovskogo Ram Runner), which are already allowed to drive on the road in a much more vigorous style.

Along the way to the studio Lingenfelter also boost engine regular pickup Silverado. So, after the installation of a mechanical supercharger output 5.3-liter V8 with 355 hp grows and 517 Nm to 475 hp and 600 Nm about. The cost of the modification of engine specialists Lingenfelter evaluated in 9000 dollars, but the price of the tuning package Reaper is not reported. We only know that soon this package will offer some U.S. dealers Chevrolet.