21.05.2014 1:57

Americans have begun to produce their skateboards fishing nets

Company Bureo, which manufactures skateboard, soon bring to market innovative models board which is 100% made of fishing nets that have been collected on the coast. To make one board Minnow, need about 30 “squares” networks. This “green” solution will reduce the damage that causes the production ecology skateboard their traditional materials by approximately 70%. In addition, the program will clean the coast from plastic waste.

New lovers are interested in urban surfing. Externally board Minnow is like a fish: it has a “tail”, and the pattern is like scales.

Bureo a relatively young company, but it has already gained a leading position in the production of skateboards. New technology engineers worked together with designer Gabriella Lauris.

Today, the manufacturer has everything you need to run the conveyor for the production of “green” skateboards. Besides competent advertising campaign helped to attract much more money than planned. It is learned that the new product will be on sale this fall.