16.01.2015 12:14

Americans have created a global social network for sex toys

Company of Miami launched in test mode online platform which aims – to link the various “smart” sex Soup to their owners can remotely control the gadgets, and the individual, and all at once.

A group of enthusiasts from Miami in test mode has launched a social network, whose purpose – to tie online “smart” toys for adults. Thanks to the Internet network owners will be able to remotely control the gadgets, doing so have sex with their partners at any time and in any place.

Today the market is a lot of sex toys from different manufacturers, the developers of social network FriXion and decided to help the owners of such toys to connect them to a common platform.

The plans of the founders of the social network – run the live broadcast of the game and to some party games could take control of thousands of such devices around the world.