Americans have learned to operate drones power of thought

Americans have learned to operate drones power of thought


Can manage the objects without using their hands, only one eye or thought – the dream seems to anyone. Fortunately for many American developers will help make your dreams come to life.

Puzzlebox Orbit – this toy flying machine, which is controlled in a literal sense the power of thought. It looks like a helicopter, enclosed in a sphere. This sphere is somewhat reminiscent of the cage and protects the drone from possible damage. The kit also comes with the device wireless headset that comes into contact with a temple and scans of human brain activity. It then transmits the information to the smartphone app, and then – already own flying machine.

To get Puzzlebox Orbit fly, you just need to concentrate on that thought, everything else will make the system itself.

According to the developers, their aim was to show the prospect of neurophysiology. That is why the invention is positioned primarily as educational. The creators claim that has already passed several Orbit in schools where toys furor.