16.02.2014 10:14

Android-Service will help scientists during sleep

Samsung and the marketing agency Cheil offered to ordinary users help scientists decipher the University of Vienna in the amino acid sequence of the protein. To do this, the owner of a smartphone or tablet on Android you need to install “smart” Service Power Sleep.

Hours to charge the device is idle, its computing resources for employ mathematical operations. The smartphone will download data packets of about 1 megabyte, process them, and send them back at the end. Calculations useful to researchers in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other serious illnesses.

Power Sleep also serves as an alarm clock when he bell, Android-device immediately cease all calculations. The application can be downloaded for free in the Google Play. To install the required version of the firmware is not below 2.3.

Consumer gadgets is not the first time used in research. A few years ago to join the Folding @ Home project on distributed simulation of folding and unfolding of the protein molecules suggested owners of gaming consoles PlayStation 3. And last year, scientists from the University of California at Berkeley released program BOINC, which she does the same thing that the Power Sleep, only without the alarm functions. But BOINC provides the opportunity to participate in other projects – for example, tracking asteroids or seismic activity.