18.02.2014 7:32


The problem of fathers and children has always been very relevant to Angelina Jolie. But it looks like a Hollywood star and have not found a common language with his father, actor Jon Voight. How to write tabloids, on Valentine’s Day with an unpleasant incident Voight – his valentines, made ​​especially for her daughter and grandchildren, and has not reached the destination.

On Friday, the 75-year-old actor was spotted at the house with a huge Jolie and valentine candy package. The postcard handmade sported the words: “Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful family! I love you! Grandpa John. ” But, unfortunately, given personally gifts daughter and children failed actor – bodyguard would not let him into the house, and eventually left Voight valentine candy and have security.

This case immediately provoked a wave of rumors that Angelina Jolie does not want to see my father. However, it is possible that at the time Angelina really was not at home – on the weekends, along with Brad Pitt Actress glittering ceremony in London at BAFTA.

Recall Jolie long time did not communicate with his father.

She tried to ignore the parent after 2001 in an interview with Access Hollywood, he said that the daughter of “serious mental problems” and advised her to seek professional help. In response, Jolie said she did not think that her mind will be “useful” to be with his father.

In 2010, father and daughter reconciled. couple of years ago even Voight said that now the most important for him – family. “The reunion with her ​​daughter is very valuable to me – said the actor. – I love grandchildren. They are my biggest love. And now I feel real happiness.”