08.01.2015 8:44

Angelina Jolie showed “Unbroken” to the Pope

Angelina Jolie visited the Vatican at the invitation of the Pope, and also held a special screening of his new film “Unbroken”.

How to tell the actress publication US Magazine, she was very pleased to learn about this invitation, and on request of the organization view the picture in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences:

To be invited to the Vatican – most, and at the same time a tribute to the story told in “Unbroken”. History Louis – a perfect example of strength and forgiveness.

As noted in the Italian branch of the company Universal Pictures, it was a personal initiative of the head of the Catholic Church:

Pope Francis, knowledgeable about the amazing life story of Louis Zamperini, kindly greeted the opportunity to see the film. He is expected to join the show paintings in the main building of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Note that Angelina Jolie traveled to Rome with his older daughters – Zahara and Shiloh. There paparazzi spotted them in one of the pizzerias of the city.

Angelina Jolie showed "Unbroken" to the Pope

The family had to join Brad Pitt, however, according to the source, the actAngelina Jolieor changed his mind at the last minute.