“Anti-Grammy 2014”: 6 artists without nominations

“Anti-Grammy 2014”: 6 artists without nominations

anti grammy 2014 6 artists nominations wovow.org 01
anti grammy 2014 6 artists nominations wovow.org 01

Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Nick Cave and other musicians who are worth listening to, despite the opinion of the jury “Grammy”.

Ellie Goulding

British pop star singing touching disco pop songs with scraping bones sadly, is very popular in America. Her tracks from morning till night swirling in the air overseas radio stations and local journalists do not even doubt that the second solo album Ellie, «Halcyon», bring the girl first nomination for “Grammy” in the category “Best Dance Album.” Alas, they were wrong.

Lady Gaga

Although Gaga’s latest album «Artpop» did not become the main musical event of the 2013th, the single «Applause» – a big hit on both sides of the Atlantic and deserved a nomination in the category “Best Pop Performance.” And even more strange that the movie to it – funny allusion to the early video-provokatorshu singer – was left without a nomination in the category “Best clip.”

Miley Cyrus

Explain why the representatives of the American Recording Academy nominations left without ex-rezidentku channel Walt Disney and most obsuzhdayumuyu actress 2013th impossible. Her song sang everything, it tverking at the ceremony MTV videonagrad discussed in the national news and views video track “Wrecking Ball” , laid out in the network September 9, 2013-go, has reached 500 million mark.

Nick Cave

In February 2013th veteran Australian alternative rock and idol Kylie Minogue released the first album in five years, “Push the Sky Away” – a dark and very sensual. The record topped the charts in eight countries and has become one of the “Album of the Year” in every self-respecting muzizdanii. But here the founders of “Grammy” seems to work perfectly remained indifferent. But in the category “Album of the Year” means the record of Sarah Barellis «The Blessed Unrest». Who is she? So we do not know.

Arctic Monkeys

Sheffield indie rock quartet , whose last album, «AM», reached sixth place in the U.S. charts and thus increased the overseas fan base band dozens of times, easily could get a nomination for the “Grammy” in the category ” Best Alternative Album. ” But muzakademiki decided that the work is not good enough – especially these young people have already been nominated for two gilded grammofonchika in 2006.

Emelie Sande

Another incredibly popular in the U.S. British singer, which is even called “black Adele” . According muzpressy, a native of Scotland Sande was to receive at least two nominations for “Grammy Awards 2014” – “Best Newcomer” and “Best R’n’B-album.” And also nothing.