How to stop the thief via … anti-theft system SMS 

How to stop the thief via … anti-theft system SMS 

How to stop the thief via ... anti-theft system SMS 

Not quackery and Kenyan startup

Who says that African familiarity with IT-technology limited mailing Nigerian spam? Shame, racists! Kenyan Calvin Machar invented anti-theft system, which does not yield the most advanced world standards. Moreover, he does not run for grants, and opened in Nairobi is small but quite a successful business.

How to stop the thief via … anti-theft system SMS

As reported by CNN, the idea to do to prevent the theft occurred Machar couple of years ago when one of his relatives had stolen the car. Student techie developed its own powerful system that not only helps return stolen, but also helps the police to identify criminals.

Arranged it very cleverly. Disguised GPS-module tracks the vehicle’s location and transmits the coordinates on the phone holder and a situation center. If the attacker penetrated salon, it immediately cellphone hidden camera. But the highlight of the system – a device for remote engine stop, which is activated by means of anti-theft system SMS messages. Owner to send a code word at the specified address, and start the car again to unlock will not succeed. Gracefully, do not say anything!