05.02.2014 12:43

Most Anticipated Games of 2014. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Since the release of Diablo 3 has been almost two years, but the game did not become more popular than the previous part. Moreover, for the last time in the game and so nothing really has changed (except that more or less balanced classes). Developers even refused full PvP-mode, referring to the fact that users will find it boring. Supplement Reaper of Souls is intended to correct defects of the original game and turn it into that Diablo, which was once loved by millions.

Even before the additions removed from the game developers auction (as known cancer Diablo 3), and then introduce a new item drop system – Loot 2.0. Dropping items from enemies moving from quantity to quality – now they will be less, but each will be more valuable. In addition, there is a chance that a particularly rare items will give you exactly the necessary characteristics. If you play as a demon hunter, the chance that you will get a crossbow without dexterity, but Pimp intelligence, it is negligible. The developers claim that “smart” system of collecting loot will allow your character to dress immaculately.

The new system does not guarantee that all items will have the ideal hero of options, but do not despair. Fortune Teller – new NPC in Reaper of Souls – for a nominal fee can replace one property to another object. However, a one-time procedure, and the object will be attached to your account, so that it can not pass even friends.

Fortuneteller also can change the appearance of the object. I do not like stupid mask with horns? Save money – maybe get a new helmet with a visor (or horns). Experiment with the appearance of the hero can be any – it would be gold.

Reaper of Souls In the process of “Pharma” is not as tedious as it is now. In the new mode “Adventure” can travel to all five acts and perform random assignment. As a reward, you are entitled to experience, gold, and perhaps even legendary items (not the final composition of the bonuses). At the same time for the completion of tasks, you will receive stones portals through which you can be transported to other dungeons. Recall that all underground locations are randomly: that is on the other side of the portal offers desyatiurovnevye catacombs with thousands of monsters. In general, the complete game.

Also Reaper of Souls players expect:

• A couple more hours of adventure story.
• A new class – crusader, able to simultaneously use a shield and heavy flails.
• The maximum level characters will stop at around 70, and so-called levels of perfection (“Paragon”) generally lose any ceiling.

In addition, developers will bring to mind the now existing classes. Some skills will be processed completely, some are likely to tweak the numbers and someone will add a new passive effects. In any case, a full list of changes is normally wide, and will be known only to a game’s release. But that Reaper of Souls noticeably transform Diablo 3, there is almost no doubt.