04.02.2014 8:12

Most Anticipated Games of 2014: The Evil Within

In the world of art have enough people who can be as daunting. In the literature, it may be Poe, Lovecraft or King (and his son), in the film – Romero, Carpenter or Hitchcock; films could catch the last fear Bernard Herrmann – that’s one example of an amicable terrible music. Games because of their age can not boast of so many masters capable scare from the first line and the first frame, and in his inimitable manner. One of these people – Shinji Mikami. Almost 20 years ago Mikami invented one of the most terrible game series modernity called Resident Evil. These were the first representatives of the genre survival horror: the majority of other “scary” games they differ atmosphere full of despair – the heroes are few or no weapons, and hide and flee (horrified) falls much more than shoot.

In the first game of the series now play hard in every sense: they are not easy to find, but even harder to take seriously local screensavers and graphics. But it is quite possible to play Resident Evil 4 – sort of like the best of the series, not just similar to the modern game, and in many respects they were invented: the different elements of RE4 eventually borrowed Gears of War, Dead Space, and even Grand Theft Auto. However, and it was almost ten years ago. Evaluate past achievements Mikami can reissue the trailer RE4, which comes out on PC in February.

For three years, Mikami is working on a new game The Evil Within , which returns to the genre of survival horror. Being one of the few masters of the genre, Mikami, of course, regularly criticizes a la “something here you quite” and “folder now show how to.” During his absence conditional players adapted to scare independent games like Slender Man, which you can download free from the internet and after half an hour of the game as it is now fashionable to joke, “to build a brick wall.” Interestingly, these projects particularly appreciates Mikami – for a broad outlook of their authors. Nevertheless, The Evil Within is more like a big-budget survival horror video game format – thus able to frighten, frightening as it once Resident Evil.

Above you can see about ten minutes of gameplay The Evil Within, where Mikami fear overtakes textbook, but effective punches. In the prologue, the hero of the game, Sebastian Castellanos investigator arrives on the scene in a mental hospital (again), where under unclear circumstances (two) there was a real massacre (three). Castellanos is inside the building miraculously survived the doctor is able to affect (four), complete nonsense bearing on which nevertheless clear that the perpetrator of the massacre made a strong impression on him (five). Coming hero comes to the security room, where surveillance cameras through witnesses unsuccessful three police shootout with someone or something remotely similar to humans (six). As if to repay the knowledge gained Castellanos gets hit from behind. In the next scene we find ourselves hanging upside down in a basement (seven), near as hanging carcasses skinned people (eight), walks between the rows of a masked man with a hatchet in hand (eight, nine). Next hero manages to escape, and during their escape, we are experiencing a few moments textbook – for example, hiding in the closet until maniac walks in inches from the door, playing with a chainsaw. Once free, we go out on the street – it turns out all this time we did not leave the hospital – from the porch and seeing the effects of Godzilla attack – at least it looks that way. Here the fear is replaced by a complete misunderstanding of what is happening – that too, in general, normal.


All this is commonplace, but one of the reasons to return to horror Mikami called technology. Now the graphics in games allows for much more than in 1996, and even stamps can build a truly terrible game. All of the above in the Evil Within very convincing looks and sounds. By the way, in the basement of a maniac plays Bach – so to say, harder to shade all the madness of the situation. Also impressive visuals in Evil Within excellent work and usual survival horror moments. Eloquent in this regard escape scene where the hero has no weapons, and chased him with a chainsaw inadequate Ambala – and you end almost overtakes player. Until we get the lift bail last effort, dragging his leg chopped.


All this does not mean that the Evil Within generally will not fire – in the end, the hero works for the police – but weapons as the player will provide adequate security. Any comfort zone in the genre of survival horror is very conditional, and that’s its charm. According to Mikami, the game will be a lot of enemies, which would be impossible to just shoot. “We want the player to constantly experienced shocks to panic and shouted” yes you’ve somehow Must Die! “Making every effort to save himself,” – says the designer in an interview. These promises sound like a threat, but we understand – just such things in games and we do not have enough.

Released The Evil Within yet to be announced. It is expected that the game will be released before the end of 2014 year on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.