15.04.2016 12:32

Apple MacBook receive ultrathin design and loops made by MIM-technology

In November last year, there was a rumor in the network that Apple is working with suppliers of “complete redesign” stuffing MacBook to reduce its thickness. And today, DigiTimes sources reported one interesting feature of the new MacBook laptops.

According to informants, in the new Apple notebooks will use the loop made by metal injection molding technology (Metal Injection Molding, MIM), which is commonly used in the manufacture of kupertinovtsy small parts for iPhone smart phones and smart watches Apple Watch. And Apple expects that this will significantly save space and reduce the thickness of the MacBook.

The new loop will be supplied by the American company Apple Amphenol, which, she said, produces some of the finest in the world sliding hinge. But the manufacturer already supplies hinges for Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

In addition, DigiTimes notes that the company and Desay Sunwoda Electronics has put Apple battery samples for testing, but so far have not received any orders for the MacBook battery.