Apple patent on “smart” magnetic attachment opens a new category of accessories...

Apple patent on “smart” magnetic attachment opens a new category of accessories for iPad


Bureau of patents and trademarks issued U.S. patent Apple on a “smart” system of magnetic attachments for mobile devices – tablets, e-readers, music players and smartphones. Application was filed in October 2013.

Apple managed to patent magnetic mounts that can be located in any part of the body of the mobile device. They can be attached to any iPad accessories – ranging from protective cases, covers, and to game controllers and removable pads.

Using magnets to attach Apple offering plates to each other, creating a semblance of a fully touchscreen laptop. In this screen one can play the role of iPad keyboard or graphics tablet, and the second will be the main display.

Tablet with magnets can be installed on the dashboard of the car, the car seat headrest and even on the treadmill.

Apple offers mounts for use as a conventional magnets and electromagnets. When you install the latest accessory for the trip from the tablet will not have to exert much physical effort – enough to press the Home button and select the appropriate item in the OS menu.

The new patented system greatly enhances the iPad. But the timing of its implementation is not yet known. Incidentally, a similar technology is used for fastening of protective covers SmartCover for the iPad.