21.06.2016 11:53

Apple stops selling MacBook Pro without Retina display

Apple is beginning to withdraw MacBook Pro laptops without Retina-display of the range of its branded stores Apple Store. AppleInsider and experts believe that this may be one of the signs of failure kupertino notebook with an optical drive.

The publication points out that most of the laptops is available for purchase. But they are no longer exposed to the racks of stores, where they can be tested by potential buyers.

Phase-out of MacBook Pro without Retina display makes sense, since the last update in this series occurred in the distant 2012. Since then, Apple has focused on improving the models of laptops with Retina screens. And now, all major Apple products, except, perhaps, MacBook Air, it is equipped with such displays.

Apple has long been openly neglected promotion MacBook Pro without Retina screen. It is located at the bottom of the page the online store Apple Store. And some vendors Apple Store branded salons directly advised users to make a choice in favor of the Retina model, arguing that the rapid obsolescence of laptops without Retina screen.

It is possible that the final rejection of such laptops connected with the imminent announcement of the updated MacBook Pro, which, as informants say, will boast fingerprint sensor Touch ID and touch OLED-panel, instead of the traditional top row of function keys.