25.06.2016 11:46

Apple Watch 3 can get Micro LED screen

2017 note the appearance of the iPhone is fully recycled with OLED-screen and a host of brand new features. But it seems that the next year could be special not only for the Apple line of smartphones, but also for smart watches US manufacturer.

And, according to DigiTimes, referring to Taiwanese suppliers, Apple Watch 3 may get a new Micro LED display from the company LuxVue Technology, kupertino purchased in May, 2014. New screens proved to be much more energy efficient OLED-panels. Although, of course, it is not without drawbacks in the form of greater value screens and more complex manufacturing process.

However, the latter factors are unlikely to have a decisive importance for consumers. And the increase in hours of battery life is good. As for the Apple’s, is introducing its own clock in Micro LED screens, the company will reduce its dependence on third-party suppliers and be able to more effectively allocate its products on the background of competing solutions.

One way or another, but the following year should be special in the history of Apple. And the company in a big way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone smartphones, updating a number of key lines of production.