30.04.2015 4:57

The Apple Watch revealed the fundamental mechanical problem

The deficit in the retail Apple Watch linked to manufacturing defects in their vibrating motor. Marriage detected only hours after starting mass production, after which the order for the vibration motor was urgently transferred to another contractor. However, some owners of hours saying that faced with the problem in the acquired watch.

Less than a week after the start of sales of “smart watches» Apple Watch them discovered the first mechanical problem that will not be eliminated with the help of the upcoming software updates.

Defect reported by the Wall Street Journal, is associated with marriage in the production of so-called Taptic engine. This kind of vibrating motor, which when triggered creates a sense of touch, rather than vibrations.

The Apple Watch a tactile alarm can be used, in particular, in the preparation of notifications of events on the synchronized clock iPhone.

According to the newspaper, marriage Taptic engine found only after the launch of Apple Watch devices in series, followed by “apple company” has selected the order for the production of this unit from the Chinese company AAC Technologies and hastily handed his Japanese Nidec.

Wall Street Journal reports that the marriage was detected were caused by delays in deliveries to the stores hours before the start of sales of 23 April 2015 and is now a shortage of equipment, even in those countries where they are sold officially.

Despite the discovery of the defect before the start of sales, a few English-speaking tehnoblog reported problems in the vibration motor purchased in Apple Watch.

On another curious problem in Apple Watch it learned immediately after their appearance on the market.

Users hours discovered that the device incorrectly detects its owner skin hands if it is applied on the tattoo, especially black or red. In such cases, the device can each call to him to ask to enter the pin code.

In addition, carriers tattoos – owner noticed Apple Watch undesired reading clock biometric parameters, such as pulse rate. These errors associated with measurements for LEDs and sensors with infrared radiation to which natural and tattooed skin respond differently.

In contrast to the problems with the vibration motor, it is hoped that the problem with tattoos can be resolved by corrections in firmware Apple Watch.