28.07.2014 9:51

Arrow: intriguing spoilers for the third season!

Attention, spoilers! 

Producer Marc Guggenheim continues to provide fans of the TV adventure fantasy Arrow the details of the third season. We have already mentioned that the secondary characters of the series will get more screen time. According to the producer, spectators are expected not only flashbacks to their participation, but also the long-awaited reincarnation heroes. 

First of all we are talking about Roy Harper, who was on the show played by actor Colton Haynes. Fans of the DC Comics universe has long been know that Roy Harper – alter-ego hero nicknamed Arsenal. However, in the second season of Arrows viewers did not wait reincarnation Harper Arsenal. Guggenheim promised that justice for this character in the third season of the TV show.

“I would like to pay more attention to Roy. This season, you really feel that he was part of the team, crime fighter in his own suit. Of course, he has yet to face the consequences of poisoning serum mirakuru. After going through such trauma, he just had to wear a mask character. Rest assured, in the third season, he will fulfill all expectations “, – assured the producer. 

Arrow: intriguing spoilers for the third season!

As proof of his words, the creators of Arrows released promo photo of Roy in a stylish way of Arsenal, we are pleased to present … 

In the history of the sisters Lance also will be some changes. Despite the worsening of their relations in the finals last season, Sarah (Katie Lotz) still returns to Starling City. How long, the show’s creators did not elaborate, but it is unlikely to pass the arrival quietly. 

“Her appearance in the city – one of my favorite scenes. It all looks as if it is a trailer for the cool action, “- shares his impressions of the Guggenheim. 

Arrow: intriguing spoilers for the third season!

Do not forget that Laurel (Katie Cassidy) now knows all about Oliver (Stephen Amell) and his team. It may to some extent be a part of this community. When this happens, the audience finally have an opportunity to look at the interaction with the same Laurel Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) or Diggle (David Ramsey), because earlier the way these characters almost do not overlap. According to some reports, the main character will not be easy to tear between so many beautiful women in his secret bunker. 

“In the third episode, viewers will be an interesting scene between Felicity and Laurel. In it, we have implemented those ideas, which have long dreamed of. Also we have the opportunity to bring relations Laurel and Diggle to a new level, “- saidMarc Guggenheim. 

Arrow: intriguing spoilers for the third season!
By the way, most Diggle in the third season of waiting good news: the show’s producers are going to make his father. Odna of storylines lead to pregnancy of his beloved Laila (Audrey Marie Anderson). 

Start of the third season of the show Arrow is scheduled for October 8.