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“Arrow”: large exclusive interviews with the cast and producers

Beware, spoilers!

On the eve of the third season Arrow the producers Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti shared their vision of a new chapter of this fascinating story. Do not stay aside and actors Stephen Amell, John Berroumen and Will Holland spoke about their characters and adventures that await them in the new series.

What will be the main theme of the third season of “Arrow”?

Andrew Kreisberg: The main character again have to deal with internal contradictions. In the second season, Oliver suffered a question who he is: a hero or a murderer. In the end, he found the answer, sparing the main villain. In the new series, our guy will be torn between the secular life and work of the defense Starling City. He likes to be a hero, but also ordinary human joys are not alien to him. He finally goes on a date with Felicity, and this will be his first attempt to live a normal life. This is the main theme of the third season.

Do you think that Oliver is mistaken?

Stephen Amell: Error – this is a very proper word. It will haunt him throughout the season.

"Arrow": large exclusive interviews with the cast and producers

How will we see Oliver?

Stephen Amell: He will return happy … Have you ever seen how Oliver smiling? It was pretty funny because we were with the director could not pick him right smile.Also, now in the heart of Olli special place occupied Felicity, and in the near future, it is not expected rivals. Among them many more obscure, but clearly we can say only one thing – my hero novels with Laurel and Sarah left behind. Now they are just friends, teammates, teammates.

Tell us about the date of Oliver and Felicity …

Andrew Kreisberg: you see them at an Italian restaurant, but the meeting will take place as smoothly as we would like our heroes. It has its own reasons. At the end of last season, many thought that the words of Oliver, “I love you” were just a game, but in fact they much more sense. If you’ve been following this couple, you could not help but notice how they look at each other. Between them ran a spark, and the existence of these characters in real life, they would certainly have become a couple.

And how their relationship will affect the character of Brandon Ruta?

Greg Berlanti: The emergence of Ray Palmer would be a real shock for everyone.Already in the first episode, he tries to buy the company Queen Industries, but he is interested in it mainly because there is a well-known works you aytishnitsa.However, it is not just a girl from the IT-department, and chairman of the company.Palmer to her many questions, he clearly feels for it some interest.

"Arrow": large exclusive interviews with the cast and producers

Between them is brewing office romance?

Greg Berlanti: In this show it can be. I can definitely say that we have a random character, especially in scenes that can get emotional development. Between Rayand Felicity definitely slip spark, so we will be back again and again to the two of them in the third season.

When Felicity met with Barry Allen in the second season, between her and Oliver appeared some friction. Could the same thing happen in the case of Palmer?

Greg Berlanti: Introducing Felicity and Barry really got interesting. Oliver would not be himself if reacted to the situation with indifference. I think that with the advent ofPalmer viewers can draw some parallels between these meetings.

What about the history of Felicity? Will the fans promised flashbacks from the life of the heroine?

Greg Berlanti: Of course, we are working on it. This will be our first season, when the main characters flashbacks become other characters, and not only Oliver Queen.In the fifth series feature a large retrospective of the life of Miss Smoke. Generally, the first seven episodes will contain enough flashbacks, and there we are going to fill in some gaps in the biography of Felicity.

What else can we expect from the next season?

Greg Berlanti: In the set of the series, we use templates great movie. For example, the sequel was more dark and deep in meaning. But in trikvel already be present scope and more humor. After the events of the second season finale will take several months. Now our heroes a lighter approach to the seriousness of the situation, which had caused them some difficulties.

"Arrow": large exclusive interviews with the cast and producers

Than the third season of the show is different from the first two?

Marc Guggenheim: We managed to make a few lessons from the second season, and we will try to learn them and implement those ideas that were laid out at the beginning of the show. We are developing the project becomes better and more dynamic. I think that it is noticed as fans of the series, and television critics. The first season was more mysterious, but the second – larger and more spectacular. Now we will try to put it all together.

What other surprises you have cooked the audience?

Marc Guggenheim: We’ve always wanted to tell a more complete story of Sarah,starting with the case of a cargo ship in the 23rd episode of the last season and to how she came to the League of assassins. In the end, she, too, had been through a lot, like Oliver. It’s a great story, we’ll tell her.

Is there any details about the crossover between the “Arrow” and “Flash”?

Andrew Kreisberg: Of course, we have plans for crossovers between the show, but I can not say anything concrete. All presented in general terms, and we are now more focused on the first 13 episodes of the “Arrows”. I can guarantee that some of them will surely be at least one episode of crossover.

Greg Berlanti: I’m a big fan of comics, and for me the beauty of the crossover was to their surprise. I think that they should all be different in size and scope, ranging from a simple telephone conversation between the main characters and ending with associations in their efforts against the common enemy. In the upcoming season, we have prepared both small and large crossovers. I look forward to when we will start to remove them.

"Arrow": large exclusive interviews with the cast and producers

How do you manage to combine work on two projects at once?

Greg Berlanti: All offices of the writers and editors of both shows are on the same floor, so it’s pretty convenient. Of course, the “Flash” selects longer and requires complete dedication. Every plot turn, each character are carefully selected and developed. On the other hand, the “Arrow” will remain in undeclared status of the first-born, and I will always be a pleasure to return to the familiar shape the world of your favorite characters.

In the third season will be flashbacks from the life of Oliver in Hong Kong. How are you going to take it all in Vancouver?

Andrew Kreisberg: Our team of special effects did a great job last season. They have created an island freighter, and even a helicopter. Their work exceeded our expectations, and I am sure that this time they will not fail us, too. In Vancouver and Hong Kong has a lot to do – this is a relatively new city with large embankments, so that by adding some visual effects, we can easily get the desired picture. In the end, the scenes were filmed on a desert island in the woods near Vancouver, but it looked pretty realistic. I am sure that we can handle.

In the first season, the main characters often gathered at the snack bar, while the second had a base themselves in the basement nightclub. What will happen now?

Greg Berlanti: Interesting question. In fact, in the choice of the venue we have always proceeded from the project budget. Now we have a little more money, so the main characters do not have to discuss their affairs in the same restaurant. I think that the new base will necessarily appear after moving Oliver.

"Arrow": large exclusive interviews with the cast and producers

It is true that Tommy Oliver Merlin will be in a dream?

Marc Guggenheim: Not really. Really Tommy returns to the series, but it will not be anyone to dream, and appears in several flashbacks. Perhaps there you will meet a few old friends.

What about Manu Bennett and his hero – Slade Wilson?

Marc Guggenheim: We’ve got a great story with Slade. We specifically did not kill him, and his appearance on the show – only a matter of time. We would like to get it back, but as long as everything depends on the shooting schedule.

In the series, there were many interesting characters. What are your plans for them?

Marc Guggenheim: Malcolm Merlin will have a significant impact on the Tay. She has a rod, as he said. We want to show that our girls have not only slender legs and beautiful buttocks. Viewers will also be interesting to see the evolution of Laurel,because she was going to go the way of his sister.

What will happen with Thea in the third season?

Marc Guggenheim: It’s hard to describe everything in a nutshell. Correct to say that for her soul unfold serious struggle, and this battle is not necessarily a happy ending. We hope that we will manage to surprise you.

Willa Holland: Definitely I can tell you is that in the second season of Thea Theaand in the third season – they are two completely different people. Her life was battered, and she is trying to cope with this … in their own way. I can only hint that she had to suppress their anger at the gym. I’m working with a personal trainer, go to the gym every day. It’s fucking exhausting, but it is necessary for my character.

At the end of the last chapter left with Malcolm Tay. Does this mean that she, too, would pick up a bow and arrow?

Willa Holland: I learned to shoot a bow, but it’s what I’m asking producers every week! Many people wonder whether I wanted to follow his brother, a television and announced his father, but there is no single answer. Perhaps things will change in the future.

How are your workouts?

Willa Holland: To be honest, I’m not doing anything extraordinary. Every morning I have been with a trainer for about two hours, then go to boxing lessons and yoga. I have changed my diet and sat on a diet, even though it was given to me a very hard time.

What kind of relationship Thea with Malcolm?

Willa Holland: They mixed and interesting relationship. Though he is her father,Malcolm has not ceased to be a serial killer. Thea has a special thing for confidence, and I think that this is brought together with her ​​father. For many years it cheated, but with Malcolm’s all a bit different. She initially did not trust him, so do not be afraid to be deceived again.

How will the relations Thea Oliver?

Stephen Amell: It’s hard to describe in words. Oliver has pledged never to lie to her sister, so now it will be more honest with her. He would tell her what had never said before, will share his regrets. I think their relationship will develop in the right way.

And what he thinks Malcolm about his daughter?

Willa Holland: He genuinely cares about the Tay, and she sees it. My character has always been very insightful and well-read people, and especially his brother Oliver.That’s why she always knows when he’s lying. In this battle he has no chance.

What happened to Merlin, Sr.? Where do we find it in the third season?

John Berroumen: For the first time will find it in the same place where he was at the end of the second season, to be exact – in a limo with her ​​daughter. It will be great to see them again together.

Malcolm really truly loves his daughter or he has some ulterior motive?

John Berroumen: I think Malcolm too long black stripe in life, and it is still not easy to show your love. Many years ago he lost his wife, not so long ago, the death of his son. He lost people he loved, so now trying to control their emotions. Of course, he loves his daughter, but as something else, more subdued.

Remaining in the heart of Thea place for love?

Willa Holland: It is unlikely that she now has admitted to his close stranger. She needs a break and a little time for myself. In fact, she never put their own interests above others. Thea – one of those girls who actively participate in the lives of others, but now she needs to focus it on yourself.

What she would have a relationship with Roy?

Will Holland: In the third season, these characters will repeatedly intersect with each other. I can not say more, but it is obvious that the relationship they are not the best.Thea still mad at Roy in the near future is not going to forgive him.

What about the other characters?

Stephen Amell: A lot has changed. Oliver found a common language with Roy, but with Diggle he will mature a conflict. Laurel will become part of the team and will contribute to the common cause.

Malcolm thinks of Oliver Queen?

John Berroumen: He looks at him as well as his son. Oliver represents the guy thatMalcolm wanted to see Tommy. When my hero find out who is hiding under the green hood, he just could not kill Oliver. Perhaps that is why he made ​​everyone believe in his death – that he did not have to kill.

So now it has become a good guy?

Berroumen John Malcolm was never bad! You simply misunderstand the character. If you think it’s bad, then let’s go back to last season and look at all that he did Oliver. They both pursue the same goals, but sought them by various means. Now, one is considered a hero, and another curse. This is wrong, and personally I see in Malcolm the same hero. Damn it, why no one recognizes ?!

That is Malcolm going to redeem himself in the third season?

John Berroumen: do not think he is going through because of what people think of him. Now the situation is such that cares about Malcolm Tay and, ironically, takes care of Oliver.

Even despite the fact that Malcolm Oliver kicked ass?

John Berroumen: Just because it allowed my hero!

Will, can you one word to describe Thea in the coming season?

Willa Holland: Just one word? Then the “rich.” She has a very busy life, full of different events and sharp turns. I think this is the perfect word for it.

What impressed you most in the last season?

Willa Holland: Most of all I remember the death of Moira. It was a real shock to me, a lot of emotions and experiences. Susanna – a gorgeous woman and amazing actress. I really miss her.

You are glad that you are no longer in the matchmaker “Justice League”?

Stephen Amell: Oh, yes! We’ve now have Flash, Canary and Fire Storm. In fact, we have our own “League”, but only on television. Every year we release the next 22 episodes, run parallel to the show and introduce new characters. I think the complexity of this performance is not inferior to the 250-million blockbuster.

The series “Arrow” will be broadcast on channel Sony Sci-Fi on October 13.