02.08.2014 4:58

Arrow: a new enemy for Oliver Queen

Possible spoilers! 

Annual festival Comic-Con has already present many surprises fans of cinema and television series. For the creators of the entertainment industry is a good platform, making it possible not only to announce a new project, but also to return to the old account. 

So shourannery fiction thriller Arrow finally announced the name of the main antagonist of the third season. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim project, a new opponent Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will be Ra’s al Ghul himself! 

Arrow: a new enemy for Oliver Queen

Ra’s al Ghul – founder and head of the League of assassins, one of the central and most famous supervillains universe DC Comics. With the secret of immortality, he spent a lot of time learning martial arts, chemistry, physics and other sciences. For their incredibly long life al Ghul managed to amass a fortune and gained the support of the international leaders, making it not only dangerous, but also a powerful enemy. 

Spectators could hear the name of the villain in the previous seasons of the series, although he is on the screen did not appear. Nevertheless, fans of the show are already familiar with his daughter Nissen, whose image embodies the actress Katrina Lowe. 

During the press conference, said fans Guggenheim project, that the appearance of Ra’s al Ghul in the series discussed a long time, as evidenced by numerous references to it, as well as representation in the League of the show killers. The creators of Arrow  have focused on the fact that their Ra’s al Ghul will be substantially different from the character we saw in “The Dark Knight,” Christopher Nolan. But with a candidate for the role of “serial” villain guide channel The CW is not defined yet. 

Arrow: a new enemy for Oliver Queen

Guggenheim was not talkative at the mention of the storyline of the third season and was limited to only hints. It became known that the series will return in Nyssa al Ghul. Viewers will also entertaining “triangle of hate” whose vertices will beOliver Queen, Ra’s al Ghul himself and Malcolm … Merlin (John Berroumen).Obviously, this trio is enough good reasons to dislike each other. At the same time the show’s creators offer us remember the old wisdom: “The enemy of my enemy – my friend.” We can only guess who is with whom and against whom will be “friends” in the third season. 

The return of Arrow on small screens scheduled for October 8.