20.11.2014 4:00

In Australia Arup, the beach will be on the high seas

In Melbourne, Australia, the second largest city of the country in the next few years can be implemented in a very interesting and even the ambitious project. As you know, Arup today is a good beach area – a rarity. Boasts it cannot all resorts and major cities are located has to year-round swimming climatic zones, and does sometimes not able to provide something worthy of a modern tourist.

The company introduced the draft Arup beach platform, which will be located on the high seas. Set the platform, its creators want to Victoria Harbour. The park will be connected to one of their berths. Get on it can be both on land and on water.

In Australia Arup, the beach will be on the high seas

Arup’s park will be divided into two major areas: land and water. Water area – a pool. Swim with Arup possible, but will do so in the pool, despite the fact that the platform will raspolagatsyaposredi bay. However, not all as bad as it seems. The pool will have different levels of depth, and will be equipped with artificial wave generator that creates a sense of nailing in this sea.

With regard to land half a platform Arup, then it will be located on the beach, park and shopping area. Around the entire platform will also set up the pavement and several viewing platforms. The total area of ​​the entire platform will be 16 thousand square meters. Visit the platform anyone can. The park will be available to the public and free of charge.

Another important part of the platform Arup will be that it will respond to changes in sea level that will allow it not to leave the cart in the case of high tide and not remain above sea level in the case of low tide.