27.01.2014 9:53

Aspen is one of the best ski resorts in the world

For once in your life worth to survive a long flight to another continent and uncover your snowboard or skis in one of the best resorts in the world – Aspen in Colorado, USA.

For many decades, a cozy little town, lying in the valley of the mountains of Colorado, is the winter residence of Hollywood. The snowy weekends each season here come courting couples whose photographs will then consider the whole world in the pages of glossy magazines, gay male friends, whose names make many girls’ hearts flutter. Family of famous actors and directors with children from current and past marriages removed floors in top hotels, booked sessions with a personal ski instructors and enjoy your stay in the mountains.

Aspen basks in the glory of his own and others’ about half a century. And once in this village make money on silver, and after each found a nugget, which was reported in the newspapers in Colorado miners were pulled together from across the country hoping to grab a piece of cake. In 1894, some lucky Aspen, whose name is not going down in history, found in local mines very large silver nugget. For many years, his followers tried in vain to find something like that – good luck to anyone else and did not smile, soon mines closed altogether. And the locals have learned to make money from the tourists. New life for Aspen started immediately after the Second World War in 1946 was solemnly opened resort of Aspen Mountain, and the mountains were pulled first skiers.

His stardom town in Colorado obliged Kennedy family, which is quite frequent visitors to Aspen in 1960. American tabloids every winter printed numerous photos of the clan, and here shortly after one of the most respected U.S. families have started to gather the rich and famous, to learn how to ski. Old estates and ranches began buying great of this world, then property prices

Aspen jumped tenfold, and to this day, the cost per square meter in these areas is considered one of the highest in the country. Especially for fans to gawk at celebrities and their way of life, listen to stories of their lives, many travel companies spend Aspen fascinating tours of the area, during which the show houses belonging to movie stars and sports. Tourists are invited to stay off the road, so as not to disturb local residents dozen camera flashes, look over the fence and imagine how here in down jackets and boots walks Mariah Carey or Antonio Banderas, fooling around with his grandchildren Goldie Hawn, Jack Nicholson cleans snow. Incidentally, the latter sold last year his estate Newberry House with five bedrooms, putting it on the market for $ 15 million


During the “star” tour guides often talk about that myself many times became Aspen set of the film. Filmed on the streets of the town such tapes as “Dumb and Dumber,” “Vanilla Sky,” “Legally Blonde.” Film-making process on the streets of Aspen for a long time no surprise: even just strolling through the streets of the city, you can easily stumble upon a photo session with the participation of well-known models, shooting commercials for advertising or watch the work of gossip journalists interviewing.

Oddly enough, but all this fuss about Hollywood stars does not prevent people to rest, whose appearance at the lift leaves Photographer indifferent. Aspen is considered one of the best resorts in the world. Here and great hotels, excellent infrastructure, excellent service, the famous soft and fluffy, powdery snow called «champagne powder», and incredible scenic runs on four broad resorts combined into one ski area with over 500 km of slopes!


Love of skiing and the mountains instill in Buttermilk, most of the tracks here are flat and wide, not just for those who still feels insecure skiing. It is here that works most ski schools for kids

and beginners. But local slopes on the east side and appreciated by professionals – it annually in Buttermilk, a fan park competitions in winter extreme sports Winter X Games. On the steep slopes of Aspen Highlands and Aspen Mountain pointers «Black Diamond» is not uncommon here get your adrenalin pumping already experienced skiers and snowboarders. There are golden mean – Snowmass resort with the longest track in the state – 8.2 kilometers, which is perfect for those who feels confident on the slope. To estimate the size of the ski area in Snowmass, is sufficient to provide six Disneyland – so much they would fit on the local slopes. By the way, here is a large children’s area Tree House Kid’s Adventure Centre, so this resort tend to choose large American family.

Unlike European resorts where the slopes easy to meet a neighbor on the porch, a former lover or your own boss, broad snowy road thousands of miles away from home, you can be in complete solitude and literally crazed by it, stop and appreciate these moments of incredible mountain, snow happiness.

But no one lives Aspen skiing. According to statistics, every third person here at all on them does not arise. Many people come here just to relax in the lap of nature, to have conversations by the fireplace, soak in the spa and walk their dogs. By the way, pets are highly respected here, almost every hotel accommodation with pets allowed.

The tour desk of the city easy to navigate the sea of ​​proposals and come up with something for everyone, not climbing on snowy mountain slopes: Aspen can fly in a balloon, have a picnic in the mountains, snowshoe walk to the lake, go snoutyubah and dog sledding, take climbing lessons, play hockey, go to a concert, or just bask in one of the fires, which are bred right in the center of town.


Aspen – one of the few resorts in the world where a whole day can be an abyss not on the slopes and in stores – shopping here is wonderful! In addition, Aspen and Snowmass nearby lot of variety of restaurants, nearly 150, many of which are supervised by the best chefs in North America. No joke, a good half of the Colorado resort establishments included in the annual top rankings compiled by respected experts in the field of gastronomy. In Aspen necessary to try venison steaks – delicious, tender, juicy, excellent roasting. Corporate local cocktail bartenders make ice cream and bourbon, with which, as a rule, and the fun begins called apresski. In Aspen’s always something happening, bars and clubs offer something special every day: glamorous parties, hen and stag parties, jazz evenings, rock party, live music, a variety of festivals. And so every night 22 weeks a year c mid-November, while in the mountains of Colorado last ski season.

However, great fun and you can not leave home: take off in Aspen apartments or homes and entire companies to meet in the evening by the fireplace, to play bingo, mulled wine and cook fried steak.