ASUS ZenFone Live Review: Good smartphone for YouTubers

ASUS ZenFone Live Review: Good smartphone for YouTubers

ASUS ZenFone Live Review: Good smartphone for YouTubers

ASUS constantly pleases us with interesting smartphones. But lately we read about low sales and restructuring of the mobile unit. Actually, it is because ASUS recently spoke about the change of landmarks.

New smartphone ASUS ZenFone Live personally seems to me a very strange decision. Its main feature is a good front camera and other small things that give you the opportunity to easily take selfi pictures and  online broadcasts on the Internet.

It’s cool, really, and if you’re some kind of media person, then it can help you. But, on the other hand, many other flagship smartphones will give you the same quality of shooting. So, the main advantage is only the price ASUS ZenFone Live, which is much lower than the price tag for flagships.

Let’s look at ASUS ZenFone Live closer and try to figure out whether smartphone can gain popularity among users.

ASUS ZenFone Live Review: Good smartphone for YouTubers

ASUS ZenFone Live: Specifications

Inside ASUS ZenFone Live is installed processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, but manufacturer does not name the processor model for some reasons. It is a strange enough solution, because you can not evaluate the performance of smartphone, even synthetics tests are not yet available.

But, we think that here ASUS ZenFone Live has at least Snapdragon 400 series, so there will be no problems with games and applications, which is most important for us. The unknown processor will be supported with 2 GB of RAM. It is enough for a modern smartphone, although personally I think the optimal option is 3 GB of RAM. The internal memory of the smartphone is 32 GB. It is possible to expand with memory card.

ASUS ZenFone Live has standard specifications for the middle class, although processor model we do not know.

ASUS ZenFone Live Review: Good smartphone for YouTubers

ASUS ZenFone Live: Design

Smartphone comes in three colors: pink, gold and black. On the front panel there is a display, below it there are three touch control keys, on top of the display is a camera, a speaker and a set of sensors.

The rear panel also haven’t some unique elements – a camera, a logo and that’s all. I like design of ASUS ZenFone Live, it is quite simple and straightforward.

ASUS ZenFone Live: Features

The main feature of ASUS ZenFone Live is front camera for live broadcasts. There is camera on the front panel for as much as 5 megapixels. Of course, it has a proprietary application BeautyLive, which allows you to broadcast with the overlay of filters.

ASUS ZenFone Live Review: Good smartphone for YouTubers

The display diagonal is 5 inches and the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The picture is good thanks to IPS matrix, but HD display in 2017 is not very cool, as for me. The operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


The price ASUS ZenFone Live is not called, and the processor model remains secret. If it was an announcement, then it is a very strage that we do not know about processor and price.

New smartphone from ASUS will please only with a proprietary application and filters. But personally I do not understand why this smartphone and for whom it is.

Source: Asus