18.02.2014 7:40

Australia created a recumbent sailing from debris

In Austria, the designer Mark Richardson of Ford Motor Company has decided to focus on creating their own concepts outside the company. Today, Richardson is also one of the teachers at Monash University, in Melbourne. As the designer himself, once he just wanted to turn something seemingly useless – in useful. Thus was born the project homemade velomobile FAB Velo.

FAB Velo-a mixture of bike and car. FAB Velo stands on three wheels, a rear support and two front – guides. Actuated using a recumbent chain mechanism and pedals, due to rotation of the last pilot. Pilot sits in the chair, the pedals are not located beneath the frame, as in most bicycles, and before it slightly above the level of the seat, so that the legs are raised. At first glance, such an arrangement of the chain mechanism may seem convenient, but in fact it helps to reduce the load on the legs and spine.

Recumbent FAB Velo immet own roof made of synthetic fabric that is stretched over and in front of the driver’s seat. Needless to front, there is a large “window” with a clear plastic through which the pilot can see the road. Tensioned fabric building on the metal frame.

FAB Velo important part is that the recumbent was fully assembled from solid waste. For its creation took two discarded bicycle, one wheelchair, portable manual lawn mower, as well as numerous other solid “garbage.”
His concept FAB Velo Mark Richardson wanted to once again show the world that the solid waste can be used with the highest efficiency in the economy, without the help of the processing factories and enterprises. As for commercial purposes FAB Velo, that while this has no information.