In Austria detained 14-year-old boy who was planning to go to Syria...

In Austria detained 14-year-old boy who was planning to go to Syria to terrorists

In Austria detained 14-year-old boy who was planning to go to Syria to terrorists

Stories with teenagers from European countries and, in particular, from Austria, who yearn to join the ranks of terrorists “Islamic state”, which run away from their families and sent to Syria, are increasingly appearing in the press. Since October 29, the Austrian police detained 14-year-old, who probably planned to get to the IG, and searched the Internet for information on how to make bombs.

After the incident with two teenage girls who went to Syria and became the wives of jihadists, the Austrian authorities, apparently, began to follow closely the inhabitants of the country. According to Reuters, the 14-year-old boy had Turkish citizenship, but have lived in Austria for about eight years.

“He admitted that he had plans to go to Syria,” – said Michael Obines, spokesman prosecutors St. Pölten, the capital of the province of Lower Austria. Also, according to her, the teenager was looking on the internet drawings and instructions on how to create an explosive device.

As reported by “Interfax” referring to local media, the Austrian police believe that he was planning a terrorist attack in Vienna. The police say that the suspect was looking for “specific information about purchasing the necessary components” to make a bomb. It is assumed that its purpose would be the West Railway Station in Vienna.

“There is a suspicion that he may be a member of a terrorist organization,” – explained Obines. Austrian court ruled that the 14-year-old should be held in custody for two weeks. Note that in the Austrian criminal responsibility is 14 years.

Currently, the country’s authorities are investigating about 150 incidents when residents went from Austria to Syria and Iraq to join militant groups. Some of them have been killed in the fighting.

It is worth mentioning about two Austrian residents of Bosnian origin, 17-year-old Kesinovich cAMP and 15-year-old Sabina Selimovich. They left Vienna in April 2014 to take part in a “holy war for the” Islamic State. “They married Chechen volunteers that the media has been called “sex jihad” .

Selimovich later gave an interview to reporters, who said that he felt free, and denied the information about her pregnancy, which appeared in the press.

Earlier, French intelligence reported that in recent years the number of European countries fleeing women greatly increased compared to last year. According to the French side, this contributes largely the work of organized radical human networks that are “brainwashed” to teenagers. Basically Internet projects Islamists recruit girls to work as wives, nannies and housekeepers for jihadists. It is assumed that the goal of the Islamists is the continuation of the family to participate in a long conflict with the Western countries.