16.05.2015 2:05

US authorities ICANN no longer control the Internet

Fadi Chehade, head of the non-profit organization ICANN, said that Corporation for Assigned Names and IP-address can be privatized before the end of the year and will be released from the control of the US government. Comments Shehadeh against the privatization of the organization, despite criticism in the US Congress, have been made public, although some US lawmakers continue to actively resist what Washington will no longer play a key role in determining the policies ICANN.

Shehadeh stresses that all the components required to implement a new scheme of strategic management will be taken into account, and in the next few weeks, the organization is going to get approval from the representatives of various countries of the world. Recall now between ICANN and the US Department of Commerce awarded the contract, which expires on September 30, 2015. Shehadeh does not intend to renew it and to conclude a new agreement with the US authorities following the privatization.

Recall, ICANN was created with the active support of the US Department of Commerce in 1998. Currently, the management of organization considers more promising transformation largest regulator of domain names in the Internet in a public company with international support.

The head of ICANN said:

“When we started, we’ve heard a lot of allegations that the UN will take on this task, or China will get a piece of the Internet. There were also threats, and discussions in the context of defensive strategies. “

He added that a growing number of countries, including China and Brazil, have expressed support for the new system.

ICANN decision was taken a year after the US government stopped the technical supervision over the system of domain names. Until 2009, reports on the work of inspectors were given only from the US, and later to the commission included representatives of different countries. Experts have repeatedly pointed out that the Internet should not be under the control of any government and international organizations, such as the UN.

Indeed, China is now seeking to establish effective cooperation on the Internet; a similar view is held by Brazil and other major countries that are actively engaged in the expansion of the national and international business in the global network. Shehadeh said that privatization will benefit ICANN, making it a globally independent, neutral and controlled. Controller Functions ICANN intends to minimize giving all participants an open Internet rules for domain registration. The organization plans to focus on the issues of optimization and increase traffic safety, as well as analytical studies.