03.02.2014 7:41

Avici “Stockholm – a very dark, cold and braking city”

“Damn, what a comfy chair! – Enthusiastically exclaims 24-year-old Tim Bergling, also known as Avici, spinning on a regular white office chair. – Be sure to get a few of his studio. ” Swedish DJ and producer, whose record «True» and the single «Wake Me Up» in 2013 conquered dancefloors and taxi drivers around the world, invited by RS filming a video for his new track «Hey Brother», which takes place on the cemetery in Bakersfield, California. Sitting in his bus, decorated in the spirit of Ian Schroeger hotels (co-founder of the famous New York club Studio 54), Avici recalls his way to glory, explains how a collaborator he would like to work, and talks about the expensive trinkets that he indulges himself .

Sweden has always been rich in pop artists world-class, not to mention the producers. What is the secret?

Yes, everything is very simple – in Sweden 8 months of the year a terrible cold and darkness, and you have nothing to do stupid, but to start writing songs. And, say, here in California you can disappear for days at the beach and surf surrounded by pretty girls – whether to synthesizer here? So in Sweden is very easy to hang around in the studio and concentrate only on paper. Plus, from our country really came a lot of famous DJs and producers, and this fact is a great motivation for young artists: “And I certainly will!”

In which country are you now spend more time?

I am wound between Sweden and the United States. I recently worked in Stockholm in the studio Wyclef Jean, 10 days we recorded 15 tracks. But every time, arriving in Sweden, I can not stay there more than a week – becomes wildly boring. As I already said, my native Stockholm – very dark, cold and brake the city. But I recently bought a great house in Los Angeles, which he furnishes. He almost entirely of glass, so there can not put a lot of furniture and every chair, sofa or cabinet must be a work of art.

What’s new for yourself you have learned over the past year?

Well, I always imagined how huge and well-functioning machine is the music world, but only with the release of their debut album could, so to speak, to feel all the hands and look at it from the inside. Now I know how fickle fortune here: costs me next year is not written hit single, and Universal Def Jam and turn away from me as fast as they offered. So it is necessary, first, to maintain good relations with all, and secondly, to work tirelessly. The only way this system works and works for you.

And do not you feel just a machine for making money, which skillfully uses the label?

No, I never set a goal to earn a lot of money and become famous all over the world. About my money and popularity even think my manager – he does it much better. I care more about how not to become ephemeral. If you now hit the mainstream, to travel the world with 300 concerts a year and churning things like «Levels» (Avici hit in 2011 – approx. RS), then surely you can raise a lot of money – but then what? Whom I will need when it all pall public?

Have you thought about how to work with any of the artists?

I’m open to everything and everyone – most importantly, that the man was talented. I could work with vocalists, and certainly it ever will, but first I want to gain experience working with other songwriter. The fact is that in terms of inventing melodies I’m very cool, but here as rhythms and especially the lyrics, here I have absolutely not so smoothly. So I so enjoy working with Nile Rodgers – we complement each other perfectly, despite the difference in generations (now Rogers ’61 – approx. RS). I sometimes strums Niall some superhit world and say, “Oh, that would write something like that!” And a couple of times, he exclaimed: “Yes, I wrote the same, dude. Well this is my party in this song sounds! “However, I was playing something of Bon Jovi or Duran Duran. Stunned, how many tracks as the sound of his guitar!

Remember the most stupid thing that you spent a lot of money.

Yes, that I recently bought a brand awesome laser pointer. Estimate, it is five times stronger than the usual crap like. That is, if it shine from the roof of the Empire State Building, it will be seen in Philadelphia! Dangerous thing, you can easily burn yourself or someone’s eye. However, it costs 1500 bucks – not too expensive for such a classy device.