21.10.2014 9:53

In the “Bates Motel” to come back biker from “Sons of Anarchy”

Actor Ryan Hurst, known for his crime drama Sons of Anarchy, has received a permanent residence permit in the thriller Bates Motel, reports DigitalSpy. In the popular TV series channel A & E, which is broadcast from 2013, one of the most brutal bikers SAMCRO play an ex-convictChica Hogan. 

Chick is described in the script as a smart, moody and awe-inspiring man. It is interesting that he is the owner of the shop for the sale of motorcycles and engaged clandestine arms trade.

Thus, Hurst play a kind of incarnation of her as a hero of the Sons of Anarchy. There his character Harry Winston nicknamed Red was also ex-prisoners. Returning from prison, he decided again to do chores club associated mainly with the arms trade.

In the "Bates Motel" to come back biker from "Sons of Anarchy"

Earlier, the cast of Bates Motel joined Kenny Johnson, another native of the TV show Sons of Anarchy.

TV horror prequel “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock returns with the third season in 2015.