21.11.2014 6:47

Scientists have created a battery consisting of millions of nanopores

American scientists have realized unprecedented project. For the first time in the history of the battery was created, whose architecture is based on the technology of “drawing” nanopores. Inside the battery is a little different from most of his “brothers”, except for the already mentioned architecture. However, this project was a clear demonstration of how to modernize seemingly outdated technology.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the batteries are still working on the electrolyte, most engineers and scientists believe this technology already obsolete. An electrolyte, as well as the internal structure of any one of modern batteries is not conducive to long-term operation. Already after a few tens of cycles of charging the battery begins to lose its effectiveness.

Innovative battery is characterized in that it is able to survive without deterioration for many hundreds of cycles, with the degradation process in the battery based on nanopores proceeds more slowly than conventional counterparts.

Scientists have created a battery consisting of millions of nanopores

To achieve this result, the researchers were able typing microscopic pores. These pores – ceramic. In each of them flooded electrolyte. Each of them – a small battery. Several million of the scientists were able to unite in a tiny pack size of a postage stamp.

Poroobraznoe structure battery gave him another very useful feature. Charging the battery in just a few minutes. Pores provide a high degree of conductivity of the charge. Moreover, the battery is charged uniformly, which also prolongs its life.

In the near future science team plans to continue work on his brainchild, in every possible way to improve it. In the next month nanoporovy battery waiting for new improvements and tests. First, it will increase the size and capacity to start at least 10 times.