03.05.2014 9:13

How to become a successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship as a special form of economic and social activity has been known for more than three centuries. And all these three centuries business activity is the object of attention of economists, sociologists and psychologists.

Why some businesses quickly build a successful business almost from scratch, while others, even in solid financial investment, can not succeed? Sociological surveys business as a business entity, show that only a third of the newly established companies continue to work after one year of existence. The main reason for such a small percentage of survival of enterprises experts believe the lack of business organizers of entrepreneurial talent. Talent business has long been among the main economic resources of any state. But, sadly, have so much talent from five to ten per cent of the economically active population.

Not every person because of their personal qualities, education level or share necessary assertiveness able to conduct a successful business. The vast majority of people achieve success and financial independence as an employee. Concept and realization of predisposition to the discovery and successful conduct of its own – one of the main tasks of any applicant for entry into the business environment.

Research experts in the field of economics and sociology show, there are three main groups of factors that fundamentally affect the future results of the business activities of any person who is planning to do your own business . Entrepreneur must have some business skills, certain personal skills and be ready to sacrifice much in order to realize his grand plan.

Skills of a successful entrepreneur

By business skills scientists refer primarily, high educational and training entrepreneur. It is also necessary knowledge of the industry in which you plan to build a business. Particularly valuable can safely be called the industry experience acquired shortly before the creation of a new enterprise or production.

Much more prepared to conduct your own business entrepreneur makes experience in leadership positions. All acquired knowledge and experience will be very useful and enterprise organization, and its development.

It is difficult to overestimate the available a beginning, and not just a beginning, the entrepreneur experience gained in the process of creating new businesses. This experience allows a more realistic assessment of the difficulties and possible obstacles to the formation of new businesses, not only helps to predict, but also, often, to prevent the negative effects of the inevitable errors.

Enormous, if not decisive, role in ensuring the success of a business plays a high social competence entrepreneur. This applies to all without exception, and economic areas, a businessman and professional communication with other people.Whether this communication related to the management staff of the company, with business negotiations or relationships with clients of the firm. Basis of social competence entrepreneur constitute communication, willingness to make the necessary compromises in conflict resolution, the ability to impartial self-esteem, desire to improve professional knowledge, justice, sensitivity to the partnership.

Entrepreneur who fully possesses all these qualities to be able to achieve any, even the most fantastic business goals.

Many researchers in characterizing the phenomenon of business people are potentially ready to conduct their own business, apply the concept of “entrepreneurial attitude”. Entrepreneurial attitude, according to scientists, is determined by three main parameters.

First, entrepreneurial position includes the concept of risk. Willingness to entrepreneurial businessman and economic risks is expressed primarily in the primacy of projects with a high degree of riskiness and, simultaneously, with higher chances of high profitability, before low-income projects, which are accompanied by much less risk.

Second, entrepreneurial attitude is characterized by willingness to initialize projects that were far ahead of potential competitors in terms of introducing new products to market, technology, services and organizational forms . Such willingness to advancing preventive action sociologists call activity entrepreneur.

And thirdly, entrepreneurial innovation inherent in the position, that is ready to hold a wide variety of research and development. Failures at this from the perspective of business position, perceived costs inevitable in such cases of risk, and success is innovation for the business material, and in many cases, and moral reward.

The main personal qualities secreted by most experts in the field of business, the most characteristic initiative, the need for new achievements, self-esteem and impartial belief in their own abilities.

Another group of factors directly affecting the success of the business, the ability to be called an entrepreneur with dignity out of difficult situations, the ability to inevitable victims. Anyone who has decided to open his own business, should understand that entrepreneurship will require it will require increased self-discipline, a willingness to work long hard. It is possible that it is necessary to abandon the usual holiday and weekend getaway. It is important to consider the time that will inevitably have to reduce the time it has always been given to communicate with friends and family, the time that was devoted to personal interests. And only after a thorough analysis will be their abilities and capabilities, all the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, the impact of new business family and friendships can make the final decision.