Four best beer museum in Europe

Four best beer museum in Europe

beer museum europe 01
beer museum europe 01

January 24, 1935, the market appeared the world’s first canned beer. Although it happened in the U.S., we will tell about the best museums telling the story of beer and its conservation in Europe, where the ancient tradition of brewing, and go there closer.

Beer Museum Guiness, Dublin, Ireland

Irish “Guinness” – is not just intoxicating drink. It is a symbol of the nation and the ray of light in the darkest days of arriving in 150 countries. When Ireland was a rumor that the Guiness beer production will be phased out in Dublin and moved to Louth and Kilkenny, began an unprecedented national outcry. And in 17 hours 59 minutes 24 September 2009 even celebrated a happy holiday – the day of Arthur, the one that managed to sign the most profitable in the world of a lease under which the Dublin brewery St.James’ Gate Brewery leased for 9000 years for funny an annual fee of about $ 65. No wonder that so loved the world of beer has its own seven-story museum in the center of Dublin, which can be found without any guides – simply divine smell of freshly brewed beer. The first floor is occupied by the museum shop where you can buy original souvenirs, such as candy flavored with beer and more, the second is an ancient and modern equipment for the creation of beer, and the third settled a huge collection of beer bottles and cans of all ages and sizes. Do not be lazy to rise above: the sixth is the magnificent Guinness Academy where they teach properly pour beer, and from the observation deck of the seventh visible almost the entire Old Dublin.

Brewery Museum in Dortmund, Germany

Statistics states that nearly 40% of all world brewers working in Germany. In this country, the most consumed of beer on the planet, according to official figures, the average German consumes per year up to 140 liters of beer. Western city of Dortmund continues the tradition of brewing, originating as early as 1293. When one of the six local breweries, Hunza 1981 runs one of the largest and most interesting museums in the world of beer. Why just not in the old building power plants and turbine hall brewery! Here and vintage steam engines from the former brewery complex, converted into a museum of art, and a miniature model of the plant, and sample transport, transporting Braga, cooling compressors, stamping machines beer bottles and countless memorable stuff: plates with logos beer producers holders, intoxicating nectar and a variety of glass bottles and metal cans. Every room Dortsmundsky Brewery Museum opens new wonders, among which there is even a beer machine, posing beer factory workers during a lunch break. Worthy of attention, and two unusual thematic exhibitions devoted to collecting and sharing of various items related to beer and beer tours and travels. The museum is open every day except Monday.

Brewery Museum in Lviv, Ukraine

Advertising famous Ukrainian beer brand says: “We brew beer since 1715.” Who do not believe, can easily check by looking at the first Ukrainian beer museum, located in the basement of Lviv brewery. The exhibition, open to the 290th anniversary of Lviv Brewery, tells the whole story of the creation of intoxicating drink in Galicia: and how old Lviv beer fly for “cheers” to all of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire, and as the local brewery has managed to survive in a difficult post-Soviet time. Tour of the museum of brewing into an exciting action: Lvov know many tales, pribautok, anecdotes and legends about beer that is not enough for one week. Among the exhibits Lviv intoxicating kingdom, who took 600 square meters, and there are old barrels in which to transport the beer mugs and ancient tavern from all over Europe, and the old recipes of the 19th century, and all kinds of beer cans and bottles, which are stamped on the glass brand names their contents. Guests of the museum waiting for entertaining film about how brewed beer, wine and assortment mandatory local breweries. It is not necessary to complete quickly visit: road through the gift shop will lead to “Intoxicated house Robert Doms,” one of the largest pubs of the city.

Museum of beer and kvass Ochakovo, Moscow, Russia

Archaeological excavations in the ancient Novgorod showed that even in the distant medieval times in Russia there digests – very heady brew of beer and honey. “Russian Truth”, Legal Gazette of Kievan Rus, even prescribed daily allocate Virnik, old tax inspector, and masters, to strengthen the city walls, malt for brewing beer. Much water has flowed since then. Today, the only beer museum in Moscow is at the current brewery “Ochakovo”. It was opened in 2005. Excursion to the Museum of beer and kvass based on the contrast: from an old Russian hinterland, makeshift cooking beer using homemade equipment and household utensils, guests enjoy the modern brewery shop, equipped with a huge stainless steel vats and tanks for fermentation impressive. Travel shops filled with aromas of not only the freshest beer and kvass refreshing, but also familiar with early childhood lemonade ends in the tasting room. Museum “Ochakovo” often pleases its visitors with unusual novelties: held here “Night at the Museum”, a week Russian kvass, fun Mardi Gras and “Days without a tourniquet.”