Berlusconi divorced his wife Veronica Lario “the second time”, but continues to...

Berlusconi divorced his wife Veronica Lario “the second time”, but continues to sue for child support


Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi received official freedom from the bonds of marriage, a divorce from his second wife, actress Veronica Lario.

Divorce proceedings took place in Monza, Italy residence Lario. A marriage made in December 1990, officially dissolved, as counsel to have received official notification. However, litigation over child support continues, according to Corriere Della Sera .

A year ago, the Civil Court of Milan ordered the media tycoon, billionaire and former prime minister to pay the mother of his three children to three million euros per month, as Italian law stipulates the obligation to provide ex-husbands ex-wives of a standard of living to which they are accustomed to in marriage. Pissed Berlusconi has called judges “feminists” and “communist.” Annual payments to 10 times higher than alimony, provided the original agreement from 2010.

Berlusconi actually initiated a new divorce proceedings and now continues to sue, seeking the court to reduce alimony Monza doubled to 1.4 million euros per month.

Lario and Berlusconi met in 1980. At that time he was already famous and wealthy entrepreneur, she – a theater actress. Ten years later, they were married, the second in the life of Berlusconi. At that time, they already had three children together (two others were Berlusconi from his first marriage).

First divorce Veronica Lario spoke in 2008, and admitted that she is considering this step the last 10 years. Then she exposed her husband criticized the inclusion of young “cute subretok” of show business in the lists of candidates for the party in the elections.

The last straw that broke the patience of Lario, Berlusconi was the presence of 26 April 2009 in celebration of the 18th anniversary of Neapolitan Noemi Leticia, who fondly called him “papi”. The girl told reporters that is often seen with Berlusconi, visiting him in Rome and Milan and Berlusconi gave her a gold necklace with diamonds. It was this episode that many newspapers wrote, became “the beginning of the end” of family life Berlusconi and Lario. Berlusconi denied a close relationship with Letizia, but confused in the testimony about the circumstances of his first meeting with her.

Then Lario has made a public apology from Berlusconi for what he at the awards ceremony in television noisily expressed admiration erotic model Mara Carfagna, saying that immediately would have married her if he had the opportunity to do it. Renowned for its magnificent bust Mara Carfagna worked for him in the government minister of equal opportunities.

During the divorce process Lario pinned the blame in the breakup of a marriage on the husband. Representatives Berlusconi hinted that Lario also cheated on him with a bodyguard, but these claims have not been proven.

In 2012, 76-year-old Silvio Berlusconi announced her engagement to 27-year-old former beauty queen Francesca Pascale. The statement was made ​​against the background of the trial of the “Case Ruby” , in which a politician accused of using the services of an underage prostitute.