Betflek assembles an army

Betflek assembles an army


Reservations Moviepilot fueled interest in the film ” Batman vs Superman “by publishing unverified, but highly entertaining information.Even if a small portion of these rumors be true, we are waiting for a stunner! 

As reported, except for a few modifications, the director’s version of Christopher Nolan recognized canon. Betkostyum Batmobile and be fantastic . Talia appearance in the movie ” The Dark Knight Rises “is not canon, like the alleged death of Bane.

Reporters also lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding the alleged plot future tape. Basically, the information relating to insider figures Batman ( Ben Affleck ), which American fans jokingly dubbed Betflekom (BatFleck) …

Seven years after the events that unfolded in “The Dark Knight Rises,” forty years Bruce Waynereturns to Gotham to rebuild his hometown. It will wait for cooperation with LexCorp, which he will have to join in the reconstruction of Metropolis. Wayne begin to gather around him assistants, the number of which will include Nightwing, Betving, Batgirl, Red Robin and Robin. Last to die at the hands of the Joker, who, as we recall, was not present in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” but here reappears. Killing the young and inexperienced member of the team will be the Joker attempt to attract the attention of Batman. Bruce is a long time to blame themselves for his death.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne will be one of the most influential people on the planet after the reconstruction of Gotham and the worldwide success of his company Wayne Enterprises. He surrounded himself not only followers and allies, but also create betarmiyu – army drones and androids. Happy controls Wayne Gotham through Wayne Enterprises, and at night – using betarmii. Wayne will stay in power around the clock. In the city there a rumor that Bruce sponsors Batman,and Wayne recognizes that helped him money, but never met in person.

Gotham will be known worldwide as the city of Batman. Its logo will be considered a symbol of justice, courage and defiance. However, the authorities of the city is not particularly enjoy it like the deification of the hero. So Batman would be a real problem for them, with which they want to commit suicide. At the same time the hero will pay close attention to the mysterious Kal-El ( Henry Cavill ).He decides to explore every detail of his biography.

Definitely intriguing rumors, right? We do not know that this can be considered true. And find out it will only be possible in 2016, when the movie ” Batman vs Superman “will be released on the big screens.

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