Bifest: comencini announces the shooting of latin lover

Bifest: comencini announces the shooting of latin lover


 The new film by the director, the story of five women the result of several reports of their father’s movie star

It is titled Latin Lover’s new film Comencini . It is to reveal herself in the day when the Festival of Bari rewards with Federico Fellini Award for Cinematic Excellence. “I will start shooting next month right here in Puglia. Tell the story of a star and the women who married and brought into the world. The relations between these mothers and daughters and the concept of freedom: the comparison between their generation that was so free and our perhaps you feel less free. “

The film explores a narrative arc of two days, those of the tenth anniversary of the death of the protagonist: a movie star who has had five daughters by different reports. The director tells the new project to the microphones of “His daughters gather to celebrate the village where he was born. They also come from their small Italian villages even if they have migrated around the world. These women feel less free, I tell you all the love and sense of frustration. ” The father’s role will be played by Francesco Scianna . In the female cast instead we will see Angela Finocchiaro , Marisa Paredes , Virna Lisi and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi .

So complex emotional dynamics will be told, and yet once again keep a register of ensemble comedy …

Yes, because the ensemble comedy entertains you at the same time and can suggest what remains offstage. It is not easy to make this kind of film, in the past I did it out of necessity. When I started doing this work, I realized that I had changed the generation of actors: there were more people like Nino Manfredi able to hold an entire movie on his shoulders, it was necessary to create an ensemble of different ages in order to create appeal with the entire audience. In the ensemble comedy everyone is talking about everyone, even those who are not in the scene. In this way you find to know the characters in depth even if they are not always present on the screen.

Who are the women of his film?

There are five daughters, representing the five countries where there has been great cinema: Italy, France, Scandinavia, America and Spain. Their problem is the moment of his father’s life at the time of their conception. The other question is: at what mother belong? Women are different from each other and the beautiful and interesting thing is that their whole life has been affected by this male figure that I enjoyed develop as a mythological node.

There is some reference to his father Luigi Comencini in this character?

I can not exclude, but here there is the figure of the actor, a strong figure. You will see Francesco Scianna in a glamorous role to Rudolph Valentino. My father made a living “quiet” in which he has loved the same woman for a lifetime. Maybe it’s a reference to his father that we can have women around us, not only in art. Something very Italian.

About Italian, do not Tell the character of Luigi Lo Cascio emigrated to America said: “This is the only place where it makes sense to be Italian.” Ten years after the movie as that phrase has become true?

So true that newspapers do not talk about anything else. The brain drain is a big pain so I feel really so much anger. In Italy we have some of the most intelligent students: we are the first in their studies even when we go abroad and win more scholarships than the other. Let’s just, you have to put in place the University and schools because Italy needs it. We need young men and women who work here and improve Italy. It is very simple, as I think that if there are no women in Italy nothing happens again, because modernity is only achieved that.

Tell me more about the needs of women as achievement of modernity …

They would like to make us men to go to the company. I do not want to become a man, a woman would stay with the differences and the history that I have on my shoulders. I wish that young women continue to make babies with men. It would be nice. We can not think that the world is “maschilizzi” everything, otherwise we all become men, or worse: we all become neutral. We need to tell our stories and our differences because the real need is to not adhere to a single model.

She is married to Riccardo Tozzi, one of the most prolific producers of our film. It is the dream of every filmmaker living with a producer?

This movie we’re doing it together. We left the profession: we have had many wonderful experiences together and we took a vacation from each other not to blame in private!