Little big director: Richard Linklater ruled Berlinale

Little big director: Richard Linklater ruled Berlinale


If you have of winning the Berlin Film Festival Audience Award had, in his doubts were dispelled the holder to February 13. New picture of Richard Linklater’s «Boyhood» was performed, and the author himself – met and accompanied by applause. In the main competition of the Berlinale Linklater was twice the movie “Before the Dawn” won him the “Silver Bear” for best director, “Before Sunset” did not bring anything. And if this time the scales tilt in favor of it, of course, the main movie, it will be natural, not only as a recognition of the merits of the Linklater, but also as a sign of the triumph of art over the situation.

Archive RS: Richard Linklater: “I – the only person who believes that he lives for the first time”, 1998

Filming “Boyhood” started in 2002 and ended in 2012, although the filming process took only 39 days. For ten years, Linklater watched growing up actors – Ellara Coltrane and his daughter Lorelei – and sealed separate stages at the camera. On the one hand, he followed the trail blazed by François Truffaut, who also investigated the process of becoming a person of Jean-Pierre Leo – Antoine Doinel in “The 400 Blows.” On the other hand, if the study required Truffaut filming whole Pentalog then Linklater harmoniously fit into the framework of one of his three-hour film, which makes a unique experiment.

Richard Linklater about “before midnight”: “Against this background, the other shooting – just a vacation”

If you remember the work Linklater “Slacker” or “Waking Life”, the storyline for Richard – a concept quite ephemeral. In “Boyhood” same history can be traced quite clearly, though the narrative develops and nonlinear. Mason boy goes to school, then another, a third, as his mother (Patricia Arquette) gives the heave-ho next boyfriend and drags son with his sister from town to town.

Mason also reads “Harry Potter” and rides a skateboard, occasionally communicates with the biological father (Ethan Hawke), make new and old acquaintances breaks occurs and breaks up with girls. However platitudes like the first kiss or the loss of virginity, you will not find here: focus Linklater primarily are psychological aspects. And his ability to easily and naturally to juggle complicated matter over which puzzled Freud and Heidegger’s cabin boy, and grace in the supply of material and sincere love for the heroes, of course, I want to applaud.

“My goal was not to show any problematic, and the most ordinary family – told the director about his original idea. – And I’m still good, in detail, I remember the first day of filming. It was very funny to see how children grew up as changed their style of dress and musical tastes. I’m not particularly directed them, but Ellara often called and advised him as a haircut and whether to insert an earring in his ear. ” Daughter Lorelei Linklater spoke slowly, mannered drawl: “It was a very strange experience. Sometimes even painful. It was difficult, once I even cried. But life goes by so quickly. Once I asked if in the final die, my heroine. ” To general laughter Likleyter responds that in the film, and without a lot of drama.

Dramatic character really missing. But such is life itself. A little sneaky, a little unfair, and still lovely. Of knowing how to “Boyhood” unsteady line between real life and on-screen, back pleasantly cools a slight tremor, and the film takes on the character of the parable. Touching, but without a drop of sentimentality, funny without vulgarity grams and infinitely wise without a shadow of edification. And only on the second day after watching realize how cozy “Adolescence” nestled in a special secret corner of the soul and the heat gets to think that it can always be found there. No doubt that the statuette of a golden bear on the mantelpiece Richard Linklater will be equally comfortable.