26.12.2014 8:20

After the birth of her daughter in relations Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling happened disorder

In a family of actors Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling began some difficulties. Despite the birth of a daughter, Esmeralda, difficulty in relationships couples only worsened. According to the foreign press, 40-year-old Eva and 34-year-old Ryan hardly communicate. The cause of the disorder was the excessive employment Gosling in the movie. Who is the actor in the film “Goodfellas” in Atlanta, while  Eva Mendes is nursing a child in Los Angeles. As sources say close to the artists,  Eva Mendes refused to go with her lover in another state.

– Eve pushed him away. She refused to fly to Atlanta with Esmeralda, to be closer to Ryan. Because of this he could not spend with my daughter every night, he is forced to constantly flying back and forth for a moment to look at it – shared with journalists, friends of the actors.

In a recent interview with the Latin American star said that her motherhood much tired. In a television broadcast  Eva Mendes said that the baby sleeps constantly, but Mendes still feel dead tired.