19.02.2014 10:20

Bitcoin: the possibility of a good profit?

Debates and discussions around Bitcoin not cease. Unequivocal opinion no. For many economies, it is quite unpleasant phenomenon that violates the conventional system and rules. Regulators are looking for ways to enter the digital money in the existing laws of the economic system . In many countries, Bitcoin was banned , but, for example , in Thailand now dramatically changed attitude to kriptovalyute in India is growing demand for Bitcoin . The only country where the ban remains in force , Russia is – the analysts TeleTrade.

To date, attention is drawn to the technical exchange crisis Mt.Gox. This exchange is the main platform for virtual Bitcoin . Many observers now compared with Cyprus Stock Exchange in 2013 . Recall that if the Cypriot financial system collapsed and the EU had to take emergency measures to keep money within the banking system . Introduced artificial additional burden on investors in the form of commissions barbaric . Then came the term ” Cypriot euro “, denoting currency “stuck” inside Cyprus Limited conversion and other problems.

Today the situation with Bitcoins strongly resembles ” the Cypriot euro.” Many Mt.Gox on trying to get rid kriptovalyuty , and although the market mechanism is quite simple , to sell virtual currency for real possible if the reverse proposition. Must be a buyer for your Bitcoins , but these do not …

As a result , this problem trading floor , the price of virtual currency dropped to $ 200 , although other exchanges remains at $ 600. If you take a chance to buy “frozen” Bitcoins , it is likely that after a while you can get a decent profit. For this purpose, the situation was resolved and Mt.Gox price ” gap” between the exchanges leveled .

According to experts TeleTrade, the situation will get better , but the fact of such a price gap is alarming and clearly favors the safety and liquidity of Bitcoin .