“Black Sails”: about pirates in an adult

“Black Sails”: about pirates in an adult

Black sails wovow.org 06
Black sails wovow.org 06

Possible spoilers!

1715 . West Indies . Pirates of New Providence Island threaten maritime trade routes . Affected countries announce their enemies of humanity , in turn, lead pirates own war – against the whole world …

The creators of the new series from Black Sails channel Starz, which is conceived as a kind of pre-history to the “Treasure Island” Stevenson made ​​John Steinberg and Robert Levine. Both authors have quite a lot of experience on television – in Levine’s portfolio includes such series as “Human Target” and “Touch”, and Steinberg , in addition to the same “Human Target” , worked on the script for “Beauty and the Beast”. One of the executive producers of the new show was Michael Bay ( “Transformers” ), and shooting the pilot headed master of battle scenes Neil Marshall (“Game of Thrones”).


Starring in a new TV show perform Toby Stephens New Hannah, Jessica Parker Kennedy (“Lie to Me”), Tom Hopper and others. Domestic audience will certainly be interesting to see the familiar c childhood heroes in the new (and rather brutal ) images. For example, in “Black Sails” will be featured such characters as John Silver and Billy Bones , and in the center of the plot would be John Flint and his team . Of actually existing pirates waiting for us the appearance of Charles Wayne (Zach McGowan) , Anne Bonny (Clara Paget) , Jack Rackham (Toby Schmitz) and Benjamin Hornigolda (Patrick Lyster).


In the story, a British fleet set out to eliminate lawlessness by destroying pirate fleet . Captain Flint is combined with the powerful Eleanor Guthrie (foul-mouthed blonde pirates helped sell the loot) , and they develop a plan to protect his fiefdom – New Providence . Of course, to the implementation of this plan are big challenges , including in the form of envious competitors resentful relatives and arrogant young sailors. Adds intrigue that Flint actually on the verge of getting an incredible jackpot that can once and for all change the position of power in the pirate world.


Fans of the TV channel Starz will recognize handwriting favorite TV network , all projects which are characterized by high frankness , entertainment , dynamic and large scale . The first episode begins with a depiction of everyday work of pirates – the treacherous capture of the ship . However, there is no way the pirates romanticized , but rather represents the creator in a truthful light. Pirates from Starz – uncouth , greedy for profit savages , but they have their own laws . They do not zhemannichayut and are caricatures of themselves , and not a parrot on his shoulder, not a bottle of rum and a wooden leg symptoms are the coolest of them …

“Black Sails” were renewed leadership of the channel for a second season this summer , immediately after fans Starz ( as well as experts in the history of piracy) festival Comic-Con in San Diego issued an unequivocal positive reaction to the new project.