Blonde in football. Who is Barbara Berlusconi

Blonde in football. Who is Barbara Berlusconi


“Observer” tells about her daughter odious owner of “Milan” Silvio Berlusconi, who became the most prominent figure in European football lately.

“1:0 in favor of Barbara, the end of the match,” – wrote in his Twitter Tancredi Palmieri, one of the leading journalists Gazzetta dello Sport. A few minutes before it became known – guide “Milan” Massimiliano Allegri dismissed from his post as head coach. The news is no longer perceived as a sensation. The day before, after the defeat of the murderous “Sassuolo” mentor made ​​it clear that the instantaneous change is inevitable. This was stated by Barbara Berlusconi. In late December, she joined the post of vice-president of the club and got equal rights with himself Adriano Galliani, manage “Milan” with nearly 28 years of experience. Strictly speaking, Barbara had exceeded its authority, because its sphere of responsibility – marketing, brand promotion of the club on the market. The sports part therefore remained for Galliani, that he was determined to coach the team and candidates promoted their Silvio Berlusconi. But now the boss of the club did not even listen to his faithful assistant. Cartridge not caused Galliani at a traditional Monday lunch, passing in a villa in Arcore. But there was present Barbara. Allegri fate was sealed – paternal feelings prevailed, and Silvio listened to the beloved daughter. Allegri – Pet Galliani – went to the base at Milanello to pack your bags.

Barbara – Berlusconi’s eldest daughter from his second marriage. She was born July 30, 1984 – interestingly enough, the same day, only 40 years ago, was born Galliani. Barbara could follow in the footsteps of mother – worked on theater courses. Also mastered the piano, studied law and philosophy. Party People can not stand and did not want to be a model. “Where am I with its 160 centimeters?” – Self-irony in it can not be denied. But football has captured her since childhood – my father often took daughter on “San Siro”. At the age of nine, Barbara saw Ruud Gullit six minutes before the end of the match equalized in the “derby”, and actually provided “Milan” scudetto 1992/93. This episode was one of the most brilliant childhood memories of the current Lady B.

She always liked and talk about football, and acquainted with the characters of the game closer. In 2001 dad bought in “Milan” Kakha Kaladze. Soon the rumor attributed to a Georgian club patron and daughter relationship. Both of them diligently repudiated – they say that we are friends and nothing more. When Barbara crush on another player, “Milan” – striker Alexandre Pato – something denied no longer make sense. It is in their relationship many fans of “Milan” perceive the root of the current failures of the team.

It was in early 2012. Pato, never trouble themselves with the collective understanding of the game, but scores regularly, began to pursue injury. The demand for talented striker, however, was great. Carlo Ancelotti, who led the French just PSG wanted to carry the former ward in Paris. Galliani instantly smeknul all the benefits – rather fragile Brazilian club getting extremely motivated and evil Argentine Tevez, a team player. Selling “Duck” in Paris and taking the “Apache” from the “Manchester City”, then the champion of Italy would be in the black – Argentine costing 28 million euros, Pato sold for 35. Adriano went to London, hit sheikhs hand, Pato packed his bags, when Berlusconi left faithful assistant in the cold. Club boss ordered Galliani deal collapse and return to Milan – Barbara vetoed the departure of his father’s favorite team.

Championship 2011/12, “Milan” lost “Juventus”, Pato did not get out of the infirmary and was sold a year later for 15 million in Brazil. By the time the love has faded. Berlusconi daughter survived gap painless – it rich “experience” in the end, by the time Barbara was already the mother of two sons, Alessandro was born in 2007, Edoardo two years later, from the businessman Giorgio Valagutstsi. Now she has a new love – student moonlighting as a bartender in Monza.

But personal life and work can now do not mix. In April of 2011, Barbara joined the board of directors of “Milan”. Officially, it was called the post “independent advisor”. But even then, Paolo Berlusconi, Silvio’s younger brother, voiced what few doubts: “It’s time for female power in football. Barbara will be the next president.” Well, who has yet to be? Silvio rationally divided the inheritance among children: Marina taxis publishing house, Persilvio – broadcaster, Eleanor must lead the television-production company “Endemol” and Luigi – banking and insurance company “Mediolanum”. Barbara was “Milan”.

Two years later she looked around at the new location, and then publicly summarized: the club needs reorganization. Require more modern approaches. Money to buy ready-made “stars” anymore. So, we must strengthen the scouting network to stay ahead. Refuse to cooperate with the cunning agent Mino Rayol, who along with Ibrahimovic podsunet Vila didactic, and limit exchanges players with “Genoa” – there, an old friend Enrico Preziosi, just escaped Galliani.

Needless to say, among the tasks – build a new stadium. Case is troublesome. Redeem “San Siro” the municipality is unreal – he is not going to abandon the arena with a profit primarily as a concert hall, not a place of games, “Milan” and “Inter”. But in Milan’s Rho Olympic village will be built – the authorities want to apply for the Summer Games in 2024. Ready to give a piece of land to investors under the private arena – Barbara and the owner of “Inter” Eric Tohir already met with Governor Roberto Maroni. Chances of “Milan” seem higher because Maroni – devoted fan of “Milan” and former interior minister in the government of Berlusconi.

“She made the club a real hell,” – declared Silvio Berlusconi

Stadium Barbara only solves, but in the new office club with its filing is located. 37 years old “Milan” rented a couple of rooms on Turati, 3 – in the city center. On November 15, the club moved to the western part of Milan, in Via Aldo Rossi 8. There he bought a building of 6 floors with a total area of 9000 square meters. m The new office will be a restaurant, bar, shops and access to the trophy room will get everyone.

Offices and Barbara Galliani located on the fourth floor. Cabinet and Adriano could be empty – two weeks before the move, after the defeat of the “Fiorentina” November 2, the daughter asked her father to take drastic measures. Newsboys persistently talked about demand resignation Galliani, Barbara really wanted to invite to his place of legend “Milan” Paolo Maldini. The time – the moment of highest tension in relations Barbara and Galliani. “She arranged for the club hell – admitted Silvio. – But Barbara fellow holds. I now proceed only with their own interests entrepreneur. As always.” Adriano immediately volunteered for an audience with Silvio, but the first attempt to resolve the conflict club owner failed. Galliani was against interference in its affairs Barbara. The resignation of the legendary leader seemed imminent, he had it himself and not masked.

But on the night of November 30, Silvio dad still managed to correct situation. In “Milana”, there are two general manager – “marketing” Barbara and “sports” Adriano. The victim was Ariedo Braida – the third man in the club, which led to “Milan” Shevchenko and Kaka, left on December 31 after 27 years of service to the “red-black”. Saving for post Galliani means the impossibility of a live club Paolo Maldini. It is expected to invite his boss’s daughter in place of Adriano and even received the consent of the famous captain, who beat long pots with the general manager.

Galliani was, at least until April 21 – the day when the Board of Directors will meet the club. But it is likely that Adriano powers will be extended by five years. With Barbara, like, all managed to settle. “The problems were only the beginning” – confirms Galliani. Robinho after the goal in the cup game against the “Spice” Adriano satisfaction Barbara whispered something in his ear, and she smiled sweetly at him. In stark contrast with the game in Barcelona November 6 – both hard shake hands, sat stone-faced in the VIP box of the stadium “Camp Nou”. There are, however, reasons to rejoice was less.

And the fact that Barbara received a casting vote in multi-million dollar transfer operations at the same time “fired” Allegri unbeknownst Galliani, the old fox endure. He himself understands that the resignation of coach, which he has always defended, inevitable. In the end, it opened the way for the post of steering Clarence Seedorf, a longtime favorite of the Silvio. Say, April 21 he will return to the position of a full-fledged president “Milan”. In order to eventually leave the chair Lady B.

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