Bluboo X First Review: IS IT CHINESE COMPETITOR TO iPhone X?

Bluboo X First Review: IS IT CHINESE COMPETITOR TO iPhone X?

Bluboo X First Review: IS IT CHINESE COMPETITOR TO iPhone X?

After the presentation of iPhone X, we thought about one thing: “How many Chinese manufacturer will release iPhone X copies this year?”. A few months already passed, and we don’t have real competitor and good copies of iPhone X. We were little disappointed, but Bluboo gives a hope.

Few days ago we received first images of upcoming smartphone called Bluboo X. It’s not difficult to guess that the new smartphone will be similar to iPhone X. In this article we will make first review of its specifications and features.

Bluboo X inexpensive and stylish competitor iPhone X

Bluboo X Specifications:

  • Materials: metal and tempered glass;
  • Display: 5.99 inches, AMOLED matrix, resolution 1440×720, 90% display to body ratio,  18:9 aspect ratio;
  • Processor: unknown;
  • RAM: 4 GB;
  • Storage: 64 GB;
  • Back camera: dual 21 MP and 21 MP from Sony, autofocus, flash, portrait mode;
  • Front camera: 12 MP;
  • Features: Face recognation;
  • SIM cards: 2;
  • Fingerprint reader: back side
  • Battery: 5500 mAh – up to 3 days of battery life;
  • OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat and 360 OS 2.0 on top.

Bluboo X inexpensive and stylish competitor iPhone X

Bluboo X: Design

If you look at first photo Bluboo X, you can make a very simple conclusion: it is a copy of iPhone X. However, if we move away from the moment of “stupid” copying, we can see really nice design. As you know, not everyone has money to buy iPhone X, but something like that you want to have. Probably, this is the main customers of Bluboo X.

Bluboo X inexpensive and stylish competitor iPhone X

Bluboo X: Performance

At the moment we don’t know all specifications, however some of them look very good. Bluboo X will be equipped with 5.99-inch AMOLED HD+ display with Face ID technology and a cutout at the top of the screen. The new smartphone will receive a dual main Sony camera with 21-megapixel vertical modules.

The design iPhone X will not be copied completely, because the dual camera will be centered, not in the upper right corner.

There is one very important question: location of fingerpint reader at Bluboo X. There are two options: first – it will be located on the side, the second – there is a small chance that reader will be placed under the display.

It’s a shame that we do not know what processor will be inside Bluboo X. Most likely, it will be a mid-range chipset from MediaTek. However, we know that Bluboo X will come with impressive battery of 5500 mAh. We really hope that this will not significantly affect the weight of device and its thickness.

By the way, Bluboo X will be made mainly of glass. The smartphone frame will be metal.

Bluboo X: Price and release date

So far, we do not know about the price Bluboo X, nor about the release date of new smartphone. However, now we can safely say one thing: it will definitely cost less than iPhone X.

Bluboo S9
Bluboo S9

If you already need a powerful bezel-less smartphone, then you can look at new Bluboo S9 model. This is an inexpensive smartphone with top features, nice design and an excellent camera. The smartphone was introduced just a week ago, so you have every chance to get good smartphone.

Also you can visit our page with coupons to buy Bluboo X at the best price.

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