13.06.2014 6:36

On the border of Congo and Rwanda is the third day of gunfire, to the place of conflict shrink troops

On the border of Congo and Rwanda as a result of shootings killed at least five people. Victims appeared on Wednesday, June 11, and on Thursday firefight continued, but information about increasing the number of fatalities have been reported. Rwandan authorities have said that all the dead – Congolese soldiers, while in the LSC told that lost only one soldier. Collisions do not stop the third day. To place the fighting troops tightened.Who is responsible for what happened is unclear. In deploying the conflict both sides accused each other.DKR government reported that the shootout began after the capture of the Congolese soldier Rwandan soldiers. Rwanda, in turn, stated that the fire was opened on the eve of and the reason for that was the invasion of Congolese soldiers on the territory of the country, writes Euronews .

“Congolese soldiers often commit such attack. They usually come and take our animals. But this time they attacked the army. They fought for several hours. Result you see – all the hills lie the bodies of Congolese soldiers” – quoted Mayor province Rubavu Beham Hassan channelNTD . Congolese authorities, in turn, has repeatedly accused Rwanda aiding the rebels, in particular – to provide them with weapons and soldiers.

Last week in the Congo was also charged with the Republic of Burundi, which borders Rwanda and JKR. According to local residents, the rebels from Burundi organized attack, which resulted in killing Mutarule killed at least 30 people, including women and children. Local authorities said that the attack probably was in retaliation for the kidnapping of cattle, reports BBC .

Note authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than 10 years of fighting with members of anti-government groups “M23”. They claim that the Rwandan rebels backers. But the government of this country rejects the accusations.